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Our visit to Dog E. Woggys in Rochester was a HIT -- !!

Up and at 'em we were, this late Autumn day, off to see Jenny and her newest endeavor, a dog day-care center in Rochester, NY!!

Such trips aren't relegated to my little Yaris --

-- since we were carrying canine capital --

-- so instead, we went the gas-guzzler route in the Land Cruiser -- ouch -- though she got all us there -- !!

So next, in Rochester, we unload, and we're off to have some fun -- !!

We're greeted --

-- and only such a name could come from Jenny --

-- who is delightfully bizarre --

And next, Dog E. Woggy (I assume) points us the way -- !!

Pad pad pad pad --

-- off to the complex we go -- !!

And inside, we know we're at the right place -- !!

Here's the detail sheet -- quite an ENDEAVOR Jenny -- !!


And here's our reason to be here --

-- gettin' together -- !!

And finally, we absolutely know we're in the right place -- !!

The only "things" dogs own is their collars -- and they're usually happier than most people I know!!


Angie & Coco, Nicole and Winston, Cassie & Boyd!

Elvis says...

... wellllcommmeee -- !!

And next, Jenny --

-- with our Beloved Gangsta' --

-- a boy SPBR rescued from the Manhattan ACC --

-- a boy who was returned 4 times in his life --

-- a boy whose last owner was homeless --

-- a boy who is 9 years old --

-- a boy who needed a break --

And here, Kelly and Bentley --

-- a BIG boy -- !!

Next, Angie's Coco --

-- HEAVILY accessorized -- !!


Left to right -- Deana, Cassie, Nicole
Boyd and Winston -- not twins, but close to it -- !!

Elvis says, "All set -- time to PLAY!"

Look at the weird spit-pattern on his tongue --


Before we play, a quick tour of the facility's wonderful graphics --

First Otis, and a very Cranberrys-looking sofa --

-- we're proud to see Otis is very bully -- !!

What's even BETTER than the first picture is this one --

-- same setting, with foster Brad and momma Char-Char, our perfect pocket pit bull, UP for ADOPTION -- !!

Charlotte escaped nasty Ohio with her brood and is doing GREAT with Kelly and Brad in foster in Rochester --

-- just LOOK at those EARS -- !!

Next, Setzer --

-- again, representin' the bullies -- !!

As before, creatures liven up the setting!

Here's Kelly and Bentley --

-- poor Bent isn't used to such activity -- !!

A wider view of this CLEAN, LOVELY facility -- !!

And finally, Sophie's salon --

-- the best picture ever --

-- and Sophie is special --

-- though now passed (at right), she was Jenny's first pit bull --

-- and it goes without saying that Jenny carries your heart with her(she carries it in her heart), Sophie --


Next, Henry --

-- colorful, whimiscal, a little buzzed --

-- we LOVE it -- !!

So, with that, we've introduced you to this fun facility, and it's time for more arrivals -- !!

Cassie and Julie --

-- Deana, Ashley and her Sully --

-- and another of Nicole and her Beaufort --

-- or "Beau" --

-- pronouced "Bew", mind you -- !!

From left to right, Angie, Sybil and Ashley --

-- and Elvis finally says, "ENOUGH -- we're all HERE" -- !!

And now, we play -- !!

-- all because of you, Miss Sophie -- what a great reality -- !!

The intro --

-- Coco and Baby Girl --

Coco goes down quick for Avery --

-- in his best girl-collar -- !!

Gangsta' and Elvis say their hellooosss --

-- and Gangsta' howlllls -- and howwwllllls ---

-- for FOOD mind you --

-- this boy is SMART -- !!

Next, Seven and Boyd SMUSH -- !!

And then, it's a combined mayhem of everyone --

-- supervised, mind you -- !!

On to the sofa --

-- fangs and curled lips and hackles -- oh my -- !!

Pretty Miss Coco from Manhattan --

-- she went a LONNNGGG way from "stray / no issue" to "family member / spoiled / loved" -- !!

Blue and Julie enjoy some sofa time --

-- happy Blue, we love you!!

Next is Jenny's Baby Girl --

-- turned in to the Buffalo Pound in January preggers and slated for -- you know --

-- well now, her babies in homes, this girl plays it up herself -- !!

So pretty, and so loved --

-- Jenny has really taken to this little lovely, and we couldn't be happier --

-- she's part of a solid pack, and she is loved.

On to that ball, Baby Girl -- !!

As you can see, this is sort of a horse play-ball --

-- it doesn't give, at ALL -- !!

-- that don't matter none to BG --

-- she even figured a way to PICK the ball UP and carry is AROUND -- !!

Here is Jenny and Baby girl and Jenny's sweet daughter, learning compassion and rescue at a young age --

As you can see, this young lady isn't scared to represent -- !!

And here she is with her newest of additions, an SPBR water bottle -- !!

Here's the brawn behind the brains, Jamie --

-- he's Jenny's husband, and he has spent the past months saying a lot of "yes dear" responses to dear Jenny to make this a reality -- !!

Next, a little spotlight on Beau, an SPBR dog rescued originally by Christine in Phila --

-- we're not sure WHAT this boy is mixed with, except that there's some pit bull in there --

-- and that he has AWFULLY cute ears -- !!

He has a VERY docile temperament, and has been oh-so-well socialized by Nicole and her DH --

-- note, he's wearing TWO collars here --

-- and a harness -- !!

What matters most is that this boy is HAPPY in his new home --

-- and that, he IS -- !!

Here, Sybil and Deana laugh it up a bit --

-- and Next, Angie and Sybil --

-- as Syb showcases her rock-star-hair -- !!

Here's Sybil and Zoe --

-- a perfect home for this girl --

-- who came a long long long long way in the process --

-- her story is here --

-- KUDOS, Sybil and family -- !!

As with Zoe, Brody is brindle --

-- a rescue himself, proud boy of Laura and Jon --

-- and he certainly proves that BRINDLE is BEAUTIFUL -- !!

Here he goes for Coco --

-- playing all along -- !!

Next, he has a minor wardrobe malfunction, as his legs get in the way -- !!

And finally, more supervised-chaos, as 5 puppers enjoy their play -- !!

More nods to our fosters, Brad and Kelly, at left --

-- and Bentley --

-- who soooo wants to go home to nap -- !!

Bentley is trying to lose weight --

-- it's just that he's big-boned (honestly) --

-- little CharChar has kept this boy on his toes over the past months --

-- hats off to your wonderful temperament and allowing a foster in your home, Bent -- !!

Here he is again --

-- looking a little moo-moo --

-- but more by design than weight --

-- he's just BUILT big, this boy -- !!

Next, Julie loves on Cassie's Boyd --

-- a boy Julie drove to Ohio to rescue --

-- more on Boyd here --

As you can see, Boyd is still a big lover of Julie --

-- and Boyd also lets his momma dress him up in girlie collars -- !!

Now, on to Winston --

-- fostered by Nicole and family --

-- and LOVELY -- !!

Little Winston is up for adoption, and is a perfect little man --

-- in looks, and in temperament.

He was being "given away" in some horrid situation in South Buffalo, and then Nicole blessed him with her foster.

Interested in Winnie?

His Petfinder page is here --

-- fill out an adoption application -- !!

Next, on to Gangsta' --

-- yes, you're right, it's not a great name --

-- but it came with him, and it's HARD to change a 9 year old dog's name -- !!

This boy is up for adoption, and would really enjoy being the only dog in a nice, quiet home --

-- he is housebroken, and he still believes in the good in people.

He is also beautiful, showing the absolute elegance of senior pit bulls --

-- stunning -- !!

You can see here, too, our Gangsta' with yours truly --

-- this boy really likes to ham it up -- !!

Inside Jenny's office, we see what really matters in her life --

-- her dogs and her daughter --

-- and her husband -- really -- !!

Here's Jenny's daughter and her three --

-- yes three --

-- SPBR dogs --

-- Baby Girl, Jenny and Frankie --

-- love it -- !!

More on Jenny --

-- she came from a horrible situation in Ohio to Jenny --

-- and ever since, she's been blessed blessed blessed -- !!

Mind you, here, she's looking oh-so-pretty for a TREAT -- !!

SEE -- I told you so -- !!

So with that, we wind down our party at Jenny's Dog E. Woggy --

-- and are thankful for breed advocates like Jenny doing it right --

Jenny trusted us enough to adopt three --

-- yes three (I just have to say it!) --

-- SPBR dogs from us, and to let them be loving members of her family --

-- she also let us come and represent at her new digs, where she showcased our beautiful wares --

She even went so far to let us put up our "special needs" boy, Louie, and to fund-raise for him --


Thanks for the memories, Jenny and all --

-- we hope we've done a good job journaling our day --

-- believe us so, this is a lot of work --

-- but is sooo rewarding -- !!

Here's Angie, loving on our Blue --

-- a boy who SPBR adopted out last January.

Blue's adopter looked great -- until communication dropped off, and ultimately, he dropped Blue off to the SPCA two weeks ago.

Here is Blue, the day he came back to SPBR --

-- poor poor boy -- confused and lost.

Thankfully, Blue was still the same boy inside, after getting his bearings straight, as seen here, wagging away -- !!

So THANK YOU to Angie for helping this boy feel good about life again --

-- and THANK YOU to Lauren, for transporting this handsome man back to safety -- !!

So, if you're in Rochester, and have dog-in-tow, feel free to stop by Jenny's dog-shack --

-- all puppers are accepted -- young and old --

-- as long as they're SWEET -- and GOOD dogs --

-- which MOST are -- !!

If you're a regular client of Jenny's, your pup will even get its own tupperware with toys and wubbies to boot -- !!

I asked Jenny what made her quit her paralegal job of 20 years to go out on a limb for such a cause --

-- she said she's ALWAYS loved dogs, and has ALWAYS wanted to do this --

-- we think she'll succeed -- and then some -- !!

Again, the details --

-- the address, the services, the hours --

-- lots to do -- !!

And who would have thought, many years ago, one dog, Sophie, could make such a difference.

Sophie showed Jenny and Jamie such love --

-- love that inspired them to put themselves 110% in to such a wonderful project --

-- and yes, Sophie was - and is - a pit bull --

-- a beautiful one.

Thank you Sophie, thank you Jenny and thank you Jenny -- we had a great time!

Jenny's response to this page --

"Thank you for the posting. You write amazingly so, you should have been a journalist. Well, you really are one actually. Sophie and Setzer always make me cry, you writing about them and HER was no exception.

I was up all night last night sitting in a hospital watching my girlfriend of 20 years struggle for some last breaths as she is dying of cancer... everytime the phone rings today I expect it to be......

Thank you so much for the uplifing story and I guess I chose to do all this...because we never really know how much time we have left right?

Thank you again Eric. XO"

Folks like Jenny and hers -- including her dogs and her family & friends -- exactly why we do it people -- exactly... what a gift...