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We had our own pit bull awareness day in upstate NY -- and everyone loved it!


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Well, to celebrate pit bull awareness day, we had a small meet-up in central new york, at a local park...

... THANKFULLY the park warden was nice enough to let us use the pavilion, and with that, we had ourselves a party!

Here's Ms. Tater and her mom --

-- yes, Tater is a girl's name -- in this case!

And next, our heart-throb, little Boots -- a Southern boy who ventured up North, looking for the perfect home -- :D

Don't forget Ms. Maddie, too, who is an absolute PRINCESS -- !!

Dan says that Maddie is all he ever wanted in a dog -- that is GREAT!

She is a Virginia girl herself, and after a botched placement, she found forever in Rochester, NY with Dan and Bec.

Then we have Jodi and her little man Gus --

-- not a pit bull, but damn vocal, if I must say so myself, keeping everyone in check!

Little Gus is just that -- little -- so his bark needs to be bigger than his bite, and as long as I've got Precious off the ground, in my arms, he can be a little pill -- :D

Next, Sue, from Central New York, with her two Hartford boys, and plenty of garbage cans around them to prevent their eyes from wandering -- !!

Nobody ever said owning 70 lb. terriers would be easy, but it sure is rewarding!

Don't forget Meliss and her boy Dozer, who she rescued from a rescue in the Finger-lakes -- !!

And with that, we're off to explore...

... and first, Elvis claims his ground on the lake-side, scaring off the birds.

WHAT a pretty day it was -- !!

Next, Elvis accepts gratuitous lovin', with no shame -- !!

And then, I rotate Elvis out for Precious --

-- the Preccinator -- :D

Precious is a girl, through and through --

-- from the way she struts when she walks, to the way she takes tiny bites when she eats -- this girl is all woman.

Just don't, really don't, upset her --

-- then she assumes a high pitched chirping voice and her white head gets all purple with excitement.

I prefer her more girlie than that -- !!

Here she is, exploring the shore....

... Ms. America!

Next, Melissa's Dozer gets his fill...

... and little Boots takes time to enjoy the fall weather.

What kills me about these dogs is how perfect they start out -- how lovely they are --

-- and then, sometimes, how they're ruined by their cruel and / or uncaring "owners."

There is nothing more that this boy wants to do than please his master. He doesn't want to grow up hated by society. He doesn't want to be a perceived menace around children and white-picket fences --

-- instead, he wants to be part of it, and for that, he needs the most socialized, most loving home he can find.

The same goes for Ms. Maddie.

Whe we took her in to rescue, her surrendering rescue said she might have some issues -- at 10 weeks old -- !!

Well, after some tough love by Thor and company, and some wonderful ownership by Dan and Bec, this girl is a poster-child for a loving family-dog.

But wait --

-- what is she so intent on in this picture??

OH NOOO -- !!

It's every parent's worst nightmare --

-- Maddie caught her a MOUSE -- !!

Unfortunately, the mouse didn't make it -- but Dan got Maddie to let the mouse go -- :(

So, with that, we had a grand day --

-- plenty of socializin' for the pups, and for us.

And too, to some of the onlookers visiting the park, we represented our breed well.