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Halloween 2006 - payback time!


Well, the holiday's is upon us, and I got some great pictures and stories of rescued pit bulls being prettied up by their proud parents --

-- here's Olive, of Long Island, getting her trimming by Frank --

And next Lizzie and Ruby, whose mom writes --

"Lizzie was a rescue - she was in a dog crate outside with 3 other pups, not being fed or taken care of. Ruby was given to me by a man who was taking good care of her, but needed to find homes for her and 11 other pups."

And then, Gracie's babies -- !!

" I sent you some Halloween pictures the first one is of Captain as batman then its Morgan in batman and Darth Vader and then Jayda in princess Laia and Sophie as Princess Laia. Captain, Morgan, and Sophie are all from Gracie's litter."

Just a quick note here --

-- WHAT A TRIP -- !!

Here's an obedient servant if I ever saw one -- !!

He's saying, "Does this make up for my misgivings as a puppy over the past year??!!"

"Jayda is the blue in the princess costume, she was saved by my boyfriend Jim 6 years ago. She was being fostered and they could keep her no longer, she was about to be put to sleep and no one wanted her. Jim took her in and has had her ever since. She is the sweetest, most well behaved girl ever and has become a very good mother to the boys.

Jess and the gang"

"Hi Eric-

  Thought you'd enjoy these Halloween pictures of  my sweet pits--

Happy Halloween from...
Kuma the Witch &  Rummy the Frankenstein!

:) Bobbie Jo

And then there's Gina's in Long Island --

-- here's Angel --

-- quite the lady --almost like a Siren -- !!

-- and then little Romeo, formerly Mac, one of Tiff's babies --

Gina writes --

"You can just see the joy in both of them of being dressed up...especially Romeo who tried to chew off his costume!"

Romeo says, "This was NOT in the adoption agreement!"

And then there's Mr. Dante, in a too-small-costume -- !!

Dante resides on Long Island, too, with Nicole and Frank --

Dante is an SPBR pup, too, who came to rescue starved and scared --

-- his story is here.

Well, you can see since his adoption, he's newly confident and happy --

-- that is, after the too-tight-frankenstein suit disappears -- !!

Next there's little Fudge, who's adoption by Melissa and Dom has proven a God-send --

-- little Fudgie originally came to a vet's office in Ohio, as a puppy, named "Murderer" by his "owners" --

-- he was to spend his life a fighting pit bull -- albeit a short life, in that line of work --

-- but there was a glitch -- Fudgebert had parvo, and these "people"didn't want to pay his treatment, so they dumped him at the vet.

Well, since coming to rescue, the sun has shown on little Fudge, and due to some great people along the way, he finally found home in Downstate New York.

To learn more about his story, click here.

So, now you can see, Fudge is taking NO TIME to make up for his lost puppy-hood, and Melissa and Dom are doing a great job at bringing him along QUITE HANDSOMELY -- !!

And finally, back where we started, to happy Olive --

-- Nicole writes --

"Olive was rescued from New Orleans five months after Katrina.  She was HW+ and lost her litter of babies probably from being to sick and malnourished.  She was underweight, depressed, and terrified of everything.  Almost a year later, she is a happy, healthy, heartworm free girl!"


-- and thanks to these great adopters -- you're inspiring!