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Well, howwwllss we got this Halloween -- makin' our pups purty -- !!


Well, it's Halloween again, and most importantly, it's PAYBACK time for our pups -- !!

This is the time of year we forget all about the poops in the corner, the forgotten obedience commands, the holes dug in the back yard --

-- and instead, dress up our pups, purely to our folly -- !!

At right, is little Oscar -- note the forced pose -- !!

And more Oscar, an SPBR pup himself, adopted by Denise and family in Jersey --

-- BAHAHA little man -- it's your first of MANY dress-ups -- !!

Next, we have Stacey from Ohio, where her husband and she negotiate with their girls --

"If you WANT the pink collar, you've GOT to wear this outfit -- just ONCE -- !!"

Well, wear them they did -- and they got their collars!!

look at the blonde on the right --

"oh, MOM!!"


Next, we go to Connecticut where Mali becomes Hula-Mali --

-- there's NO PROBLEM re-using old doll and people clothes, Mali -- !!

Haha -- then to Niagara Falls, where Lizzie and family made their newest adoption, little Lottie Daa, a --

-- ummm --


We're not quite sure what she is, but she's cute nonetheless!

Next, back to Connecticut, where Allie's Holly and Rudy whoop it up --

-- how in the WORLD did she keep that TIARA on -- ??!!

And don't forget, if momma dresses up with you, it's all the merrier -- !!

Just look at Allison's BOOTS -- !!

Now off to Steph's house in downstate NY and it's another first Halloween --

-- little Monkey bein' a Monkey --

-- he's not sweatin' it at all -- that's what we like to see -- !!

Back to Connecut again, and it's another SPBR pup in the Hartford area --

-- it's Kat and Andy's Kona --

-- dressed as, yours truly -- :D

The camera gives it all away -- I loveeee my camera -- though it's probably tired of me -- !!

Now up to Rochester, and Jen uses treats to get "hers" and "his" shots --

-- look at his jersey -- "quarter bark" --

-- love it!!

Suzy shows off some GREAT TRAINING with her pups here in CT --

-- look at the fluff-ball to the left -- !!

And too, look at little Flame to the right -- she's an SPBR pup and she's warming up to Suzy's crew --

-- let's just say, it's still a little cold for her -- !!

Hahahaha --

-- here there is PAINNN in these pups' eyes -- !!!

We're in New Britain, Conn, and SPBR's own Akira is in the middle, flanked by two handsome gentlemen -- !!

Well, still in Connecticut, Nat's girl copied Akira's costume --

-- and her dour look -- !!

Now, down to New York City, and Monse's crew gets their game on --

-- albeit after a little stretching of the fabric -- !!

Finally, the group comes together for this shot, and everyone's happy --

-- or at least they're faking it, to get their costumes off quicker -- !!

And then, my favorites --

-- Cinder and Ella --

-- they're the last of dear Diamond's litter here -- :(

Here we have Ella, all pretty, like a little flower -- :D

And then, sister Cinder --

-- a bumble bee -- !!

Well, Ella sports a wee little smile here, so we're bringing her up right --

-- costumes are GOOD, little GIRL -- !!

The first attempt at the buzz buzz doesn't come off too well -- neither girl knows what to do -- !!

So, on the sofa they go --

-- LOOK at Ella's BODY-SOCK --

-- love it -- !!

Ohhhh -- here we go --

-- a little action -- !!

And the play begins -- costumes or not -- !!

Look at Cinder's antennae -- priceless!!

And finally, after some concerted effort, it's time for a nap --

-- what a great idea!!

THANK YOU to everyone for our annual smiles at Halloween and too, thank you to the pups for putting up with us!