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Come vote with us on our BESTEST Halloween costumes!!


Well, our forum is full of quite the jokesters with their pups --

-- and YOU can help us vote the best costume!

Start by joining the forum here --

-- and then, the page of pups for voting is here.

photo #1 by stefanie - starring: honey & zippi

photo #2 by heather (hplumr) - starring: posie

"I Dream of Posie, the best dog we could ever wish for!"

Visit Posie's remarkable story, here.

photo #3 by kristy & andrew - starring: duke & bella & debo

"Here We Come to Save the Day"

photo #4 by jessa - starring: phoebe & floyd

Bride & Groom

photo #5 by alicia - starring: linus

Visit Linus' story here.

photo #6 by erica - starring: fannie

Fannie Gahbow

photo #7 by tracy (trace5262) -

starring: blue & bella

photo #8 by jess - starring: otto & pollux

Yoda and Darth Piguous

photo #9 by dave & mary (kylie) - starring: binks

BinkyLiciousHootyHo; Unemployed CPA

photo #10 by kelly - starring: bentley

It ain't easy being a 110lb bunch of grapes!

photo #11 by naomi - starring: ronin

photo #12 by lauren - starring: avery

photo #13 by kathy (kittkat5142002) - starring: faith

photo #14 by denise - starring: oscar

"Now they've gone TOO far..."

photo #15 by dina - starring: cricket


photo #16 by jenlynn- starring: kieran

I is superdog! Can conquer anything!

photo #17 by meg - starring: ruby

photo #18 by steph - starring: monkey & stella


photo #19 by paula - starring: earl

"Why must my kingdom be populated by imbeciles?!?"

photo #20 by marisa - starring: louie

it's tuff bein supa hewro

And the winner shall receive...

... a festively orange Camelbak, which is offered here, too -- !!

So please give the forum a look -- and a join --

-- and vote vote vote away -- !!

The forum is free and is a great way to discuss your dogs -- and it's a nice bunch of folks.

Thanks all, for participating in this contest --

-- it's nice to get a little levity going -- !!

We'll post winners after Halloween!!