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Phoenix put his trust in an otherwise cruel world -- and came up blessed!


Well, here is Phoenix, from Vermont, as he came in to rescue with Tricia. She writes --

"Here is Phoenix , a rescue who was left to die in a car for 6 to 8 days @ 10 wks of age. He spent 4 days in a vet clinic before I met him."

"The first 2 vets wanted to euthanize him, but the fireman who saved him and also owns a senior pitbull. Kept trying different vets till someone would help him (I thank the angels).

The reason he says is because he kept wagging his tail."

"When he came into the shelter, I got a call to come in early, it was my last day of work there.

Within a few hr. Phoenix, (never changed his name it is what the fireman called him), was riding home with us."

Basically, to me, this is a boy who had seen the worst of life, and he wasn't even 1/2 year old --

-- he seems to have very bad mange here, likely malnutrition, and an ear crop --

-- POOR BOY -- :(

Sure, you can look at his paw here and say, "oh, it's bald" --

-- but imagine the pain, and the level of mange, to lose all the fur on your dog's leg -- :(

He's eating snacks here, bascially a dead dog walking --

-- and he has appetite, which is good.

Here he is at two weeks --

-- Tricia continues --

"I slept for 4 days in our guest room with him, till he was ready to meet the rest of the crew."

Poor baby -- :(

Here, there's some renewed hope in his eyes --

-- and with that, you guessed it --

-- he meets the rest of the family!

At eight weeks --

-- QUITE the work in progress -- !!

Another shot at eight weeks --

-- Tricia writes --

"He had a vet bill of $1,200 which the town paid for me, due to Brian (the fireman)."

At eight weeks --


And here he is, being one of the boys, inquisitive and healthy --

** drum roll please**

LOOK at that PAW --

-- now THAT'S a nice looking paw -- !!

And too, all the gashing and gaping is gone --

-- looking good, Phoenix!

And now, to the victor comes the spoils --

-- little Phoenix is definitely a victor here -- !!

So, here he is, acclimated and loving, in his new home --

-- waiting for a snack -- :D

Life at 11 weeks --

-- perfect -- and spoiled -- !!

There's not too much here that is going to make handsome Phoenix move from this loving home, and for that we and he are thankful.

So, Phoenix is a success story -- and his story has to make one look at people like Tricia and say, "Thank you for letting me be a part of this race, God" --

-- really, often I get sneers from people saying, "Oh, you can't save them all" and that my money could be spent better elsewhere, and not on dogs like Yoda and Dante --

-- well, of course, it's saving the dogs that matters, but it's also the joy that comes from seeing these loves recover and get adopted and acclimated in to their loving homes --

-- because with those adoptions, there's renewed hope in people -- instead of saying, "I hate people -- they let Dante almost starve to death," I can now say, "Look at what wonderful people are out there, like Nicole and Frank, loving their little Dante."

Well, Tricia has just joined those ranks, and for her work with Phoenix, we salute her!