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We sure had some hot fun at our summertime festivals -- !!


Little Elvis and I packed up the car last weekend and went exploring at some dog-events --


-- first, we stopped at a puggie picnic --

-- Elvie was like, "Oooohhh -- I've never seen one of you before -- you certainly don't look like Preccie or Thor -- !!"


-- and before long, Elvie was showing off his "sits" --

-- for cheese, that is -- !!


I love this shot --

-- Elvie's all focused, but what he doesn't see is the puggie to his left, eyeing the same cheese -- !!


... an Irish Wolfhound, to change the mix up a bit...


And then Elvis focuses on the lawn --

-- I took his leash off to let him run a bit --

-- mind you, this was a fenced-in area, and I know Elvis quite well around other dogs / people, so I felt comfortable doing this --


First things first --

-- a CHASE --

-- Gypsy, the pup with the handkerchief on, has NEVER been caught --

-- and she's an agility queen, so she's QUITE nimble -- !!


Elvie gives her a good run for her money...


... and she's still got a pretty safe lead over the pack...



... not for long, Gypsy -- !!

Elvie gains ground...


... a--l--m--o--s--t there --


-- and he tumbles over her --

-- the FIRST time she's ever been caught -- !!


-- moments later, the rest of the pack arrives --


-- and Elvie and Gypsy are sort of at odds, not really sure what to do --


Elvie says, "I still wanna PLAY -- !!"

Gypsy says, "Hit the road, motor-butt!!"


Back at camp, Elvis loves on Gypsy's owner, while Gyp sits still in a bit of shock...


Soon Elvis goes exploring some more --

-- "Pomer-WHAT??"

The Pom looks at his momma with a "I don't care how you do it, just get him OUTTA HERE" look -- !!


So Elvis moves to his next exploration --

-- a daschund puppy --


He is very gentle with this pup, and spends more time sniffing her than anything -- !!


-- and then he's done --

-- figuring it's better to quit while he's ahead -- !!


With that, we get some more cheese, love on some more pugs and we're off --

-- interestingly, they wear the different little scarves so their owners can recognize who's who --

-- not a problem in my camp -- !!


Next, we're off to Massachusetts, for Pet Rock --

-- an animal rescue event, where people set up booths promoting their rescues, while a band plays live --


-- there's even a water park, which we steered away from --

-- something about too many dogs in any one pool over the day made me a protective parent of little Elvis -- !!


Next, we caught up with Doreen and Brian, who adopted momma Satin a year ago --

-- momma Satin was a pregger momma at the New Haven shelter, and she came to SPBR to birth 11 babies, all who went to great homes.

The babies' birthday was yesterday, 9/17 --

-- more on them can be found here --


Elvis quickly settled in with Wally, a rescued Greyhound, and Satin --

-- peas in a pod, they were -- !!


Next we meet up with Noel, who adopted Birdie through SPBR --

-- Birdie is training to be a service dog, through Noel, and she loves every minute of it, getting rock-star access to restaurants and stores -- !!


Birdie is an absolute sweet girl, and she spreads pit bull goodwill everywhere she goes --

-- when's the last time you saw a pit bull service dog??



I love this patch -- !!


At the day's end, we return home, to find Spud in his familiar spot --


-- he is nothing short of the Godfather in his comfy chair -- !!


And with that, the day is done, and everyone did great --

-- thank you to all who spread the great word about this wonderful breed, and to those on the other side, who opened their minds a bit more about pit bulls, and who saw what great companions they can be -- !!