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22" of snow in 12 hours -- the pups stayed inside!


October 12th,
2 PM

Upstate NY

-- quite the normal day --

-- some storms off in the westerly skies, but nothing huge --

6 PM

the snow begins --

10 PM

a firetruck arrives up the street --

-- all outside, cracking noises are everywhere, from the tree branches breaking, unable to hold the load of the snow (their leaves not yet fallen)

A closer look at the fire truck --

-- look a the fire-man -- !!

An autumn wonder-land -- !!


With that, I head inside -- the dogs are quickly walked, and then we're in for the evening.

An hour later, the power goes out at 10 PM

8 AM, Friday

22" later, we're in another world -- !!

From the front of the house -

- trees that were once two stories are downed, taking power lines with them --

Monday, October 16th

I head off to work, still without power -- !!

I've been running a 5000 watt generator straight for three days, and it's more than paid for itself, protecting the dogs' freezers full of frozen food plus our precious sump pump -- the neighbors' basement flooded 6" overnight before we spoke to them, when we gave them a line --

-- so now, it's back to business with emails and the like -- we may not have power till this weekend -- I used to love snow -- now I'm not so sure -- !!

Thank you to everyone for your patience while I wade through SPBR emails -- !!