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Spud is 10, and we had us a little celebration!



August 3rd, 2006

Well, my boy Spud turns 10 tomorrow, or 10 in my eyes --

-- I adopted him at one year old nine years ago in Upstate New York, and life has been so much easier since then!

Not knowing his exact birth-date, I gave him mine!

I thought of how to celebrate our special occasion, and the group party thing with a lot of food and dogs together didn't ring well, lest Precious want Spud's treats, etc., so I treated each pup to their own individual celebrations!

First off, here's our boy, 10 and happy --

-- well, as happy as he can be with a kid's birthday hat on -- !!

Here he is 9 years ago, when I found him, "Awaiting his fate", as the article said.

When I called the shelter, I asked them, "What's your hardest dog to adopt out now?"

They said, "Spud" --

-- and I asked to come see him!

Well, here's me, who came to see him --

-- I don't know what was up with my hair or glasses back then, but I know I loved him from the first time I saw him.

Since adopting him, he has been there for everything with me --

-- when I had drama going on in my life, Spud was there --

-- when I wanted to talk to family, and couldn't get a hold of them on the phone, Spud was there. --

-- when I wanted to run 3 miles a day for years, Spud was there --

-- and I was there for him, too.

Through apartment "no dogs allowed" hassles, frightening mast cell tumors, and my own family negativity, I stuck with Spud, and I always will.

He doesn't look particularly thrilled in this picture, and I think it's because the birthday hat -- none of the pups liked them, and they all seemed to go in to "quiet mode" when the hats went on -- !!

So now, we get on to celebrating!

I thought of what Spud loves best, and it's eating, unquestionably --

-- so in my last raw food order at Miller Foods for Oma's Pride, I ordered each pup a beef shank --

-- basically, the upper portion of a cow's leg.

I know, I know, it's pretty gross, but they LOVE it -- !!


Below is an idea of the size of a freshly defrosted shank -- NOT small -- !!

Here's the birthday boy with his --

-- and he's happy as a clam, ready to take his gift back to his crate --

-- which is a critical step --

-- super-high value items, like this shank, should be enjoyed totally separate from other dogs --

The next out is queen Precious --

-- and Precious gets a girlie hat, that looks more like a "special" cap than anything -- !!

She, too, didn't like the hat too much, but she beared with it like a champ -- :D

-- finally, she detects the shank smell in the carpet, and wants her due -- !!

-- DONE!

My Lord -- always a lady -- !!

Next is Thor, who doesn't find my antics amusing one bit -- !!

He almost wonders aloud, "How did I get stuck with this guy??"

Hahaha, Thor -- at least I don't feed you canned Alpo -- !!

Thor goes in to his play-roll --

-- discovers the shank-smell --

-- and gets his due!

Next, there's Elvis, who didn't find the hat amusing whatsoever --

-- so we cut to the chase and gave him his shank hat-less -- !!

Next, Daisy, a pretty pretty girl who was a princess in her hat --

-- a princess and a realist, who also wanted her birthday dinner!

-- so Daisy got her keep -- :D

And finally, Victor, the sweetest of boys, and up for adoption consideration here, shown here giving paw, without a care in the world for his hat --

BAHAHA, Victor --

-- how silly -- !!

And within moments, he too is rewarded for his patience!

So there we have it --

-- six happy dogs, celebrating Spud's birthday in their own carnal way -- !!

Thank you, Spud, for being my first, and for teaching me so much about this wonderful breed, and about the simple, beautiful pleasures in life -- you're my boy, and I love you dearly.