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My brood kicked back and enjoyed some summer fun...


Well, my pride and I finally got some time for some summer time --

-- here's Tulip, quite a serious girl -- that is...


... until you get the hose out -- then she's a real ham -- !!



She couldn't get enough of this -- !!

Tulip is also available for adoption here -- !!



Here's Isobel, who now calls Dallas, PA home -- Isobel is a little princess, making regular trips to the groomer and getting home-made doggie snacks -- !!



And then there's Brookie, who went home here --

-- this pup doesn't know the word "handicapped" -- and she is sweet to boot --



Here's my bunch -- fat, happy and stuuupid!



Thor has finally grown up --

-- my Mom still says to me, "I think he's part lab, he's so sweet" --

-- um, okay Mom -- !!



Here's Elvis and Brookie with dear Yoda --

-- Yoda is still available, and is one of my all-time favorite pups --



Here's the brood, waiting to come inside --

-- Daisy, who is also available for adoption here, gives Thor a quick dental check-up while she waits -- !!



The usual suspects -- !!



Thor tries and tries to understand physics, and then says, "Aw hell, just give me a drink of water -- !!"



Here's queen Sherelle -- majestic, powerful and beautiful --



She-She has since gone home forever, here --



And three peas in a water bowl --

-- pit bulls are usually not water-aggressive, however I would NEVER suggest this with food --

-- everyone prefers to be fed in their crate, and that's fine by me -- !!



Here's Elvie, stuck in the middle, and seemingly being carried by these two -- !!



Mr. Yoda -- the sweetest dog ever -- with the temperament of a docile child --

-- available for adoption, growing his fur back quickly, and a prince --

-- his story is here --



Back inside, Spud chills on the cool floor --

-- as dogs get older (especially bully-breeds), they get lumpy, with misc. cysts and the like --

-- you can see one on his rear-right leg -- we are going to the vet for that this week for an aspiration, where they draw fluid from the area and examine it for its content --

-- if it is cancerous, it needs to be removed with large margins to get all of the evil out --



Back outside, Precious is ready to roll --



-- although a blur, this picture shows Preccie's speed and co-ordination -- !!



She is even faster than Elvis, a spry young pup --



Air Precious --



"Where the boys are" --

-- following Precious -- !!



Precious and Elvie share a mid-air kiss -- !!



And he finally catches up with her -- !!

Precious to me epitomizes the pit bull temperament -- a love-bug with any person, but needing careful assessment and decision when introducing her to new dogs, because of her innate dog aggression -- a breed trait common to most pit bulls, and varying intensity.

Learn more about it here.



Of course, Preccie knows how to show off for the camera -- !!



Queen bee --

-- period -- !!



Elvis is still a lanky little lad -- I'm interested to see how he grows in to his stringie legs -- !!



This is sort of like a battleship trying to turn on a dime -- !!



Again, Yoda --

-- look at the little fur-colony growing on his back -- !!

-- soon, he'll be that color all over -- !!



And finally, little Merle bids us farewell --

-- he, too, has gone to his forever home, here --

-- thanks for looking!