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The babies' surgeries are done -- and we're all the happier!


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Monday morning, 7 AM -

We arrive at the veterinary clinic in urban Boston, ready for the babies' spay / neuter surgeries --

The first to come in are Truman, from Molly's litter --

And then Finlay, from Tiff's litter --

Next, the waiting --

-- the clinic has a full day already scheduled on top of us, so the surgeries have to wait till 1 PM, and they go till 5 PM.

For a detailed look at a pediatric neuter, look here. For a spay, here.

-- and in the end, they're a success!

Here you can see dear Claire saying her good-byes as her mom, Claire, helps her exit!

Claire's home is already approved, thanks to Kath's home-visit --!!

Next, little Lennox comes out of surgery --

-- and she looks a little bewildered -- !!

Don't worry, Lennox -- you only get spayed once -- !!

And then there's little Chaz, another of Molly's pointer-mix babies, who did just great --

I really love Molly's litter -- to me, they're all survivors, pulled while in utero with their momma Molly, from an urban NJ shelter --

-- their future days are going to be much brighter, including Molly's -- !!

Out in reception, there's plenty of mothering goin on with these loves --

-- and that never hurt one bit -- !!

All pups adopted out through SPBR are spayed and neutered before their adoption --

-- dogs can be effectively altered at 8 weeks, and with all the litters I have altered at that age, I have never had a negative side effect --

-- my boys, Thor and Elvis, were even altered at 8 weeks!!

So with that, Finlay is ready to go home --

-- he will ride with his sibling Mac to foster in Long Island, where he awaits the perfect home --

Little Claire is also ready to leave the clinic, after receiving a thorough discharge discussion from the staff.

One word about this clinic, and that it is simply wonderful. These people know they're doing something good with these surgeries, curtailing unwanted pregnancies in dogs and reducing the pet overpopulation epidemic --

-- and they do it every day, with individual and professional care for each pup -- and that's appreciated -- !!

So we're off -- having had a great day with a bunch of new adopters, and leaving with the babies ready for adoption --

-- the pups are altered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, wormings and READY to go HOME --