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Three of Asia's babies took a break from the puppy pen to explore the kitchen -- !!


Well, the babies made quick work of their weekly pictures, so we gave them a reprieve --

-- FREE RUN of the kitchen!!



Smidge quickly found the food bowls...



... of another, that is -- our family's lovely golden retiever, Daisy...

... Daisy is NOT about puppies -- !!



So, knowing these facts, Smidgers reasons...




... and he indulges...



... and indulges...



... and all is well, till his little sister, Jezebel, discovers his find --



-- she says, "Okay, Smidge -- get ready to move on over -- !!"



... and she makes her move...



... upon arriving to the food bowl, she finds little Max already snout-deep in snacks -- !!



... and chaos ensues...



Little Max has grown in to quite the young man -- very sweet, with so-soulful eyes -- :D



... and he's a big BABY, too -- !!



Jezzy lets the boys chow down as she pauses for a photo-op --



... Smidge is anything but photo-ready... here he is, paw-in-dish, with food flying everywhere... !!



Jezebel says, "oh, no one will miss this kibble snack or two..."



Just as she finishes her snack, she hears that play-time is over...



... and she runs for the bus to take her back to her puppy den...



... little Smidge, however, takes advantage of the moment for another gulp...



... and with that, he's on his way...

... and he says, "By the way, that's NOT a double chin -- it's just extra skin -- !! "



Jezzy says, "Whatever, fat boy..."



... she is such a precious little baby...



... and with that, they're scooped off to their puppy lair,
to go and tell Elmo and Bruno of their latest adventure...



Jezebel says, "Don't forget, we're all 4 weeks old now -- maybe older -- as of 4/25/05, and would looovveee some great homes -- fill out an adoption app here! Just four more weeks till our adoption day is due!!