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Tiff and her babies made the long haul -- and it was worth it!


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Well, the destination is only as worthy as the travels required to get there, right?

Here's momma Tiff and her babies, in Upstate NY, after their East Coast transport in late August, 2006.

Here's momma Tiff, a stunning champagne colored girl, who couldn't be happier to be done with her journey -- !!



The following pictures show momma Tiff and her babies in the grass at a stop on the transport route --

-- dogs this young should NOT go on lawns, etc. where other dogs have been, lest they pick up diseases. Here, there was a 10 year lapse since the tranporter's last dog, so the lawn was fine!

And next is, you guessed it, her BABIES -- !!

There are six babies in all, and when I arrived,

they were all too happy to spend their time snoozing!

Here's another snoozer, a blue brindle boy --

-- and then there's Finlay, the only one of the group awake!

He had quite the time chasing me around the lawn --

-- and, I admit it, I let him win -- !!

This little man is around 4 weeks old, and I am around 1,900 weeks old -- I think he deserved a little advantage -- !!

Beauty, absolute beauty, he is.

And then back to momma Tiff, who won ALL over with her great personality and beautiful looks -- !!

Tiff is also up for adoption, and I really think she'll place faster than the puppies -- !!

When speaking to the foster last night, too, he said the same thing -- ALL her visitors doted more over her than the babies -- !!

Well then, back to the babies --

-- it was hard getting a lot of action pictures, seeing the only action going on was watching their rib-cages expand and contract -- !!

Little Finlay was busy exploring though, with his pretty blue brindle coat --

The cynics might say, "Bah, cherry-picking -- these are easily helped dogs -- stop being a girly girl and choose some dogs in REAL need" --

-- well, guess again -- here's what their Southern rescuer wrote --

"Eric, Thank you so much for allowing this mom and her puppies to come into your program. They barely escaped death here in Georgia."

"Tiffany is a wonderful girl and I am so thankful that she and her babies are now safe in the foster home."

Well, who would have ever thought such a beautiful mother and her stunning babies almost didn't make it --

-- to me, dogs are dogs, whether they're 10 years or 10 weeks, and if they're in need of help, and I'm able, well then it's a privilege --

-- this experience, thusfar, has been nothing short of a celebration of these loves' lives, and also a testament to how great people can be with all the help we received --

Again, too, Tiff is SO responsive and sweet to people --

-- she was obviously someone's breeder dog, because the "breeder" knew bhe could get "blues" out of her, with her champagne coat, so he bred her incessantly --

WELL THEN, MS. TIFF -- you're already SPAYED, before coming up North, so your baby days are done -- !!

I think Tiff is in full agreement with this policy, and prefers to get any future attention HERSELF -- !!

As with all mothers, Tiff is lactating, and her underbody area, which is now bloated with milk, will eventually return close to its original shape --

-- don't let that thwart you -- she will come back in shape, and she is a lovely, lovely girl -- !!

Now back to the babies --

-- guess what they're doing -- !!

Fin is still up and about -- on the countdown to crashing from exhaustion from being up for 10 minutes -- !!

In the meantime, he enjoys exploring my shoes -- :D

OOHH -- one of the pups TRIES to get UP -- !!

-- and another --

-- with a little weeble --

-- and a little wobble --

I think he's ENJOYING this -- !!

I love this picture -- check out the pup second from the bottom -- !!

Now they're up, and ready to raise some hell --

-- the dragon noises ensue, and play is in full-force --

-- NOT for LONG, babies --

-- momma's coming to your rescue -- !!

-- and in their rescue, she checks to make all bums are clean and proper -- !!

-- as she exits, one of her babies tries for a quick snack -- !!

-- and then, with the fun over, sleep becomes them --

-- and within minutes, they're all out cold -- !!

So, these babies are sweet, and they're absolutely beautiful --

-- and they're up for adoption --

-- but these pups are special to me --

-- as all of them are -- in their own way --

-- these loves came SO FAR to get here, and they were bred for something purely aesthetic -- their coats -- :(

Usually, when "blues" result, it's just for that, their coats, with no regard to an amenable temperament or anything --

-- but here, we're different -- momma Tiff is exceptional, and is a testament to how wonderful these loves can be as adults --

-- that said, puppies grow up to be dogs, that need responsible ownership and 15 years of commitment --

-- these beautiful dogs can just as easily end up in kill shelters 10 months from now if the adoption process isn't carefully executed on both the rescue's and adopter's sides --

-- so, could it be you? Are you the one to say,

"Well yes, they are beautiful -- but that's not everything -- I want to have an obedient, well cared-for dog that will be a 15 year companion, and I am ready to do my part to make sure that happens!! " --

-- are you the one?


If you think it's you, fill out an adoption application above --

-- and begin the celebration of these loves' lives.

A big THANK YOU to the great people who have done SO MUCH thusfar for these babies -- whether it was Sandy, Rex, Summer, Caroline, Nikki, Nikki's mom, Tim or Kari, there are GREAT THINGS going on for these loves -- !!

Keep that great thing going -- think long and hard about the commitment of such a pup, and if you're able, fill out an adoption application above!