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It's December, and the babies are rearin' to fly the coop!


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Well, the last of the babies are going home in the next week, and I already miss them.

There are home visits to tend to, obedience classes to go to, and holidays to be enjoyed with these loves --

-- but in the meantime, we have one last week together -- !!

Here's Malcolm -- the sweetest boy -- the most attentive to people, and absolutely handome --

-- he's kept his boyish looks as he's matured, and to me, his eyes still seem awwwfulllly blue -- !!

Next is Chaz, who proved himself a real softie at photo time --

-- he was SO SHY, we could barely get him to look at the camera -- !!

-- here he is, after some loosening up was in order -- !!

-- and here's the size of our boy -- not too big, not too small --

-- just right, in fact, for him to trot off to home forever.

Chaz is the only one of the bunch I think should go to a multi-dog home --- the other pups, being pit bulls, would do best as only-pups.

That's all Chaz is going to give us tonight -- !!

And here we have ms. akira -- whose blue brindle is lovely, and whose eyes are sky blue --

-- she is also very mellow with people, and never causes a fuss -- that is, except when she's "teaching" little Roman a thing or two about life -- !!

This is a good look at her, introspective and overall quiet --

-- that's a GREAT START, girl -- !!

The body shot, where you can see her general size, and some of her coloring --

-- to say she's exotic looking is an understatement -- she's pronounced physically, and her coloring is mesmerizing!

And then, to little Roman --

-- he's our Ohio boy who was slated for the gas chambers, and who was instead piggy-backed via rescue all the way to greener pastures -- !!

Here, he is a good 8 weeks old, and shows no signs of sickness or ill-affect from his rocky past -- !!

And the body shot -- hs IS a little man -- !!

So, there we are -- these birds have almost flown, and I have become very attached to this group --

-- as with all rescues, their pasts are tough, and their spirits are strong --

I know, I know, you can't save them all, but if we're not here to help in small ways like this, then what are we here for??!!

THANK YOU for looking!