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Elijah and Grace need
a reason to believe !



These pups are the last two of eight that were brought to a vet's in Upstate CT --

-- the woman who brought her female pit in said she "got out" and "got pregnant" (the dog) and that the woman just wanted the dog back, and that she didn't give a f*ck what they did with the puppies --

-- a c-section was performed, and the woman took the dog home. The puppies went to rescue, the 6 that lived, and 4 have died in the past 3 days from best-intention tube-feedings, etc --

-- little China is these two babies' last hope -- Grace the girl, and Elijah, the boy --


China has really performed wonderfully with them, licking them from head to toe, and giving them motherly warmth and milk...



Here's Amy and her friend, who brought the pups down from Waterbury --

-- they're holding one of China's puppies -- who looks more like Cartman than a puppy -- !!



Day 2, Feb 1st -

They are still doing well, feeding entirely off of momma China, and she is tending to them well...



They're quite active, being rolly-polly and the like -- !!



Day 3, Feb 2nd -

Today was not a good day.

China has stopped lactating entirely,
so the puppies are now being syringe-fed
every 3-4 hours --

-- their body temperatures are also lower
than I'd like to see, so I called Amy, a vet,
and she said the ROOM should be 85 to 90
degrees F -- that will be done.



These loves also
will have a three-
puppy night, borrowing
three of China's puppies
to keep them warm
through the night.

You can see Eli and Grace on the left and right of the picture -- and how absolutely small they are compared to China's babies --

-- please say a prayer for them --



Day 4, Feb 3rd -

I resorted to tube-feeding the puppies last night before bed, because they weren't getting enough CCs by bottle-feeding, and little Elijah lost his sucking-mechanism. He seemed to be fading fast.

Before going to bed (at 3 AM!), I put momma Simone with the puppies, since she is a momma through and through. She has a very strong instinct with puppies, and went right to work, licking them, head to toe, to stimulate them.

I woke up this early morning to find dear Elijah had passed. This never gets easy or routine -- it is very sad. Rest well, dear boy, and you will some day play and run in the fields of heaven or earth again, I believe in that.

Now, we are focused on little Grace.


Day 4, Feb 3rd - noon -

Little Grace succumbed in the past 1/2 hour.

Momma Simone said good-bye
by tongue-cleaning Grace.

Rest well, dear souls -- so many
wish you made it.


February 2005