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These babes are diamonds in the rough -- and we're polishing them up -- !!


Click here for week four -- HOORAY!

Click here for a great third week update!

Click here to see the babes at two weeks in rescue!

Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


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Around Valentine's Day, I received the following --

"Hi I work for a shelter in Ohio. Saturday a lady came into the shelter with 7 six week old pitbull pups. The pups had been living in a cardboard box in the woods,mom had died. The owner of the pups decided to get rid of the last of his dogs and the lady took them.I have the pups,they are under weight and have demadecs. I have wormed them but no vacs. We at the shelter are not allowed to adopt out pits or mixes of. I need a rescue to take the pups,there are 5 males and two females. I can get pics. and send them to you if you think you can help,or maybe you know someone who can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and keep up the great work you do."

And two days later, I got these pictures -- heartbreaking -- :(

Well, leave it to idle minds to figure out a way to help these babes -- !!

Within four days, Chelle transported the babies to Cleveland, then Cindy got them to Erie PA, then Joe got them to Buffalo, where they roosted -- !!

At left, is their first meal at Joe's --

-- a raw lamb-veg supper -- !!

You can see how these babies made short order of such a meal, and from experience, raw feeding weak puppies has done wonders for me.

I did it with Mighty, and it basically saved him.

To learn more about a raw diet for your pup, click here.


So, after eatin', it comes to identifyin' --

-- just what are these pups, and who is who??

Week 1 in rescue

At right is Adonis.

A male pup.

All pups will be up for adoption beginning the week of March 10th, pending success with their weight management issues and the clearing up of their mange.

You can see here that Donnie has pretty light to no fur in some areas --

-- this is from demodex mange which the pups suffered in their box -- :(

Demodex mange is non-transmissable, and is treatable, so once it's gone, and they're on a healthy diet and lifestyle, they're basically off to a better life -- !!

Next, little Ava -- a girl --

-- and a vocal one at that -- !!

She is in foster with Donnie.

You can see here that Ava's coat is flaking, etc -- that's from the mange --

-- and it should look a LOT better in a week -- !!

Next, our little Mars --

-- a male, blue pit bull.

Ahhhh -- to be born a rock star -- !!

Blue pit bulls are very coveted, but to us, we care about Mars more than his coloring.

He is a good boy, and he is twice the size of the other pups --

-- baby likes to eat -- !!

Here, you can see his little rolls on his belly --

-- with a little fur, he'll be a fluff-ball in no time -- !!

Next is Romeo --

-- ahh, Romeo.

I love brindles, and I love this little boy's head -- it's, well, round -- !!

And his side-shot, which will be a beautiful brindle in a couple of weeks' time - !!

Then we have baby Troy, one of the runt-ish boys.

He is small, but he is an eater, I tell you -- and that's what matters most at this point.

If the tiny babies miss one or two meals, they often slip away, making their recovery almost impossible.

We're keeping a close eye on this boy.

Troy's side-shot.

Don't think for a second this mange doesn't break my heart.

These pups are absolute survivors, and it's not their fault they were dealt such a horrible portion in life.

I am just happy that SPBR has the kind people involved with it to help these babes on the road to recovery.

Then Val -- or Valentino.

A dark brindle with pretty pretty coloring -

-- and a "so what" type of look --

-- we'll take smug over glassy-eyed, little Val -- !!

And finally, Venus.

She's tiny -- so tiny it makes your eyes water when you see her.

How she survived is beyond me.

Now, she is in foster with big Mars, and is being fed multiple times a day, in small doses.

Little Venus' side-shot --

-- not much more than a waif of a babe.

Here's little Val and Ven -- you can see how really tiny this baby is.

So, as all good pups do, these EAT -- !!

Of course, mooo-Mars is right in the mix -- !!

Mars is more a blue brindle than a straight blue. And here, you can see Romeo and he are quite the consumers -- !!

At left is Val.

Here, you can see how absolutely tiny little Venus is.

That's a saucer, and she's smaller than it -- :(

Glug, glug glug -- fill 'er up -- !!

Mars says, "Okay -- full -- !!"

Next, Kath spends some time with the necessary evils --

-- picking up puppy poop -- !!

-- and here's the puppy's war-room for the morning -- plastic for poops, plenty of food, toys for playing and people for loving -- !!

All along, king Vic watches the show --

-- Kath and Joe adopted Vic from SPBR a year ago --

-- and he is thriving, to say the least.

He's just not a puppy fan -- !!

Sometimes, a perfect photo comes out of the camera --

-- and here, it's just that -- perfect.

Kath and Joe have kept Vic on a raw diet, which I love, and his adoption story can be found here.

Kath and Joe, too, are so kind to have opened their home to a foster from Arkansas --

-- little Tricky -- !!

Here's Trick, reviewing her empire -- !!

And then Trick, being a mini-mom to the babies.

I am very sorry the babies' mom died --

-- my question is HOW -- ??

Was she protecting the babies from the elements and she died of exposure?

I can't imagine it -- :(

Adults and babies have to be very carefully watched, because babies are SOOO fragile --

-- well here, Tricky was being quite the lady, and for that, we are proud!

Trick is still up for adoption, too -- !!

Next, Mars seems to almost be telling Trick a secret -- !!

And then, with their bellies full, the babies are up for some play -- !!

Little Venus quickly owns Troy -- !!

And while she's all rough and tumble, Troy gives his "not again" face -- !!

Siblings -- !!

Tricky is a great overseer of all the games -- :D

And then, after play is done, the babies run to available laps for some snoozing --

-- another lap, another nap -- !!

With pups, you have to be VERY careful of where you rest your legs, your feet and your behind -- !!

And Mars slowly falls away, in to dream-land --

Bahahaha --

-- look at little Venus here -- !!

-- sigh.

Here's an update from Julia's house, where little Donnie and Ava are being fostered --

-- they're doing GREAT -- !!

Note here, that SPBR's own Sparkles, is also helping out the babies!

Sparkles is up for adoption too, here.

Just a slight size-difference -- !!

Here's little Donnie --

-- we will BEAT that mange, Don, okay??!!

And then back to the babies --

-- and they're off to sleep.

So, there we go --

-- it's now Monday, and the babies are faring well.

You honestly can't believe the joy that helping these little beings brings --

-- I look at my pups, and imagine them as babies, and can only be thankful that someone was there to help them pull through the tough times.

For the mange, we're using Goodwinol Ointment for now -- it's topical, and it's all natural --

-- so, it's gentle enough to not affect the babes, while still being effective.

If you're interested in adopting one of these loves, please see the preferred adopter points below.

Believe you me, we know that the demand for puppies is always higher than for adults --

-- but puppies become adolescents, and their critical time for "staying or going" in their new home is 10 months --

-- we're trying to sift through the candidates and pick out the lifer adopters -- :D

Here's Venus, before the snooze...

... and then Mars, who's happy and sleeeppppyyyy...

... and then Val, whose lights are just about out.

And there you go, bliss -- :D

Thank you to all those who made this moment happen --

-- to the humane workers who really hustled to save these babies, and didn't say, "Oh, it's just another sick, unwanted pit litter" instead --

-- you made a huge difference for these babes, and we'll show it in the adopters we choose, and the lives these loves get.

Thank you also to Chelle, Joe and Julia from our forum -- plus the many others, who through transporting, fostering, or just saying "How can I help?" have given these little loves' lives the jump-start they needed.


As I came home from a busy day Saturday, this was my back lawn. If you look very carefully, you can see a herd of deer crossing in the back left -- !!

Such a view, and helping such babies, are gifts in life that are hard to quantify --

-- and while we don't need to figure out "how" or "why" they're here, we're happy to help while we can.

THANK YOU everyone, and let's keep these pups in our prayers for a speedy recovery, and also say a prayer for their courageous mother.

19 Feb 08 update

I emailed Teddi, at the shelter, this page. She responded with:

I think it is great it made me cry.I miss the little guys,Eric again thank you very much for saving the babies.I am not sure how mom died but this much I can tell you from the dogs we seen from that place it was a horrible death.



After two weeks in rescue, the kids are all right!

So, this past week has been a tough one, with our mange treatment scare here --

-- but, thankfully, everyone is okay!

Everyone is up and eating and getting their beds changed 2-3x per day, plus they're in a 70 degree room --

-- some with these views out the back window -- !!

Little Venus says, "Enough of the small-talk -- let's show us off -- !!"

First, big Mars --

-- big and blue --

-- and did he HAVE to be born with blue eyes??!!

Too beautiful -- :D

Then, our little Venus, who looks to have doubled in size during the past week -- !!

And then Ava, whose foster mom was kind enough to supply all fosters with a homeopathic mange remedy, with Neem Oil --

-- more on that can be found here.

Then, sweet Adonis, who says, "I may be balding at my young age, but there's a lot of new fur waiting to come out -- !!"

Then, our boy Val, who is spry and playful as ever -- :D

And then, the heartbreaker, Troy, whose mange almost took his life this past week -- :(

He is doing GREAT now -- he wags his tail, walks around, fights off his brother, EATS and loves to nap in your arms --

-- we love you for your courage, little man -- !!

And then, steamroller Romeo --

-- this boy was born big, and is just getting bigger --

-- sweet, yes -- big, YES -- !!

He is a love, and he loves to play and frolic -- !!

So, after their shoot, the pups get back in to their cozy carriers, ready to go back to their foster homes.

Kisses good-bye are said to the big lads --

-- here, Val bids his farewell to king Vic.

Is Vic happy with all these stinky 4-leggers running around?

Well, let's just say he's TOLERANT -- !!

And here he is with Matt, Julie's boyfriend --

-- and Vic gives his version of a high-5 --

-- saying everything is okay --

-- as long as they don't stay forever, mind you -- !!

Thanks to everyone for pulling together this past week, and I can't wait to see these babies continue to grow -- !!


Week three and all is well!

Well, did someome say it's almost SPRING outside??

You can certainly see these babies turning over a new leaf in the past week --

-- gone are the tough coats, and coming in are the itty bitty new fur, bringing these babies right along!

Here's Mr. Romeo and Mars -- exploring the wee-wee pad!

And then, Rom finds the money-treat -- rawhides!

I know, I know, rawhides aren't good for pups because they can become unraveled and swallowed as sheets, blocking their breathing --

-- BUT, this is just a little baby, chewing an adult stick, and he's watched -- so don't you worry, he ain't gettin' too far with it -- !!

Next, there's always the play-runs --

-- here, Donnie makes a shot for little Venus --

-- and in a moments notice, he's thwarted!

Notice how TINY this girl still is -- she healthy, just tiny -- :D

And then there's our little ROCK STAR --

-- our baby TROY --

-- who is doing great!

Next, we have our Venus and Val camping out on my legs --

-- looking good, you two!

Speaking of camping out on my legs, that's where the fun is for these babes --

-- or at least, it's away from the cold floor - !!

Here's beauty boy, Valentino --

-- who has been tempered over the past weeks by Romeo's playing and prodding --

-- this boy don't take no nonsense -- !!


And here, Venus and Troy.

You can see the new fur sprouting up all over the place --

-- not 100% there yet, but coming in, for sure -- :D

Till they're all furry, these bugs will enjoy many an hour sleeping and playing with each other, don't you worry!!

Next is little Ava, who is a wolf in sheep's clothing -- !!

She looks all sweet and innocent but this pint-sized girl runs hard to keep up with her big brothers -- !!

Here's Romeo again, with a combination of wrinkles and fur -- !!

And then, Adonis --

-- or Donnie.

What a handsome little man complete with skunk-stripe -- !!

And the boys as boys will do, PLAY -- !!

What makes me SO HAPPY about little Troy is that last week while I was holding him, he starting chewing on my finger, to play --

-- THAT is a RELIEF -- it seems like interest in playing / teething, to me, means little Troy has FINALLY turned the CORNER -- !!

And too, his eyes and reactions are like the other pups' now --

-- no more sleeping in the corner when I come in the room -- he's instead clanging on the door of the pen, waiting to see me -- !!

Again, more wrinkles and fur -- !!

So, with that, our weekly meet-up is over, EXCEPT for the babes' most recent mug-shots -- !!

First, Donnie --

-- a big boy with a lot of play in him --

-- and then Ava, who makes up for her small size with a lot of heart and play -- !!

And Ms. Venus --

-- a work in progress -- :D

JUST YOU WAIT to see her fur in a week -- it'll be marvelous, I tell you!

And then Romeo --

-- I just HAD to put this picture in -- !!

Here's the glamour shot of dear Rom --

-- and, as all beauty queens do, he offers another angle -- :D

Next, Troy --

-- my inspiration.

To see something so tiny and so weak initially come so far --

-- well, that's everything for me.

And Mr. Mars --

-- honestly, this boy needs no introduction -- !!

Finally, Val, with his little rascals' eye-patch --

-- he has more of a bulldog snout than the others --

-- cute, and different -- !!

So, these babes are definitely works in progress --

-- spring has sprung with their bodies and coats, and they have turned the corner --

-- next week will be a celebration of their new coats, that's for sure -- !!

And in the meantime, we'll continue reviewing applications and doing home visit on these loves --

-- with hopes and affirmations that they will grow up to be responsibly owned, wonderfully behaved pit bulls.

They will be the dogs that people will stand back and ask, "THAT'S a pit bull? What a great dog -- I thought they were all mean!! That's all I see of them on TV! "

And then, we'll know we've succeeded.


Week four, and all's well!

Well, another week passed, and these babies did great!

Foster Julia and I met up for some pictures, so we have them of 5 of the bunch --

-- Foster Joe couldn't make it, so none of Mars and Venus --

-- next week -- promise -- !!

First off, here's little TROY --

-- lookin' GREAT -- !!

And then, the puppy pile -- :D

From left, Ava, Troy, Donnie and Val --

And the "above shot" --

-- after the boys and girl found the cheapest of toys --


You can SEE how much they've grown here --

-- the crate on the left WAS to transport these babes -- two at a time.

Now, Romeo is the size of the crate -- !!

Now, for the head-shots --

-- little man Troy --


His side-shot, with the fur a growin' -- !!

Then Adonis --

-- aka "Donnie" --


And his healthy side shot -- !!

Next Val, who is always playing with brother Romeo --

-- I LOVE VAL -- he is so stocky and handsome!

I can't wait to see what color finally grows in on this boy -- !!

Then Ava, who like every little sister, has learned to deal with her big brothers --

-- effectively -- !!

Her side-shot --

-- strong and compact, this girl is -- !!

And finally, Romeo --

-- who is basically the size of a small dog now -- !!


-- chunky monkey, complete with WRINKLES -- !!

Too, in the mix, is my Elvis --

-- the babies' "Uncle Elvis" --

-- who is schooling the pups on puppy hierarchies and alpha-ness --

-- basically, on "how to live" as a dog -- !!

Elvis makes me SO proud how he plays with these babes --

-- as always, KNOW YOUR DOG before putting them in any situation --

-- and Elvis, I know -- WELL!

First, he says, "hello" to baby Troy.

Just look at Elvis --

-- he knows Troy is fragile, and special.

Another angle, where Elvis treats Troy like fragile china...

.. and then Troy acknowledges Elvie --

-- as does super-romeo -- !!

Troy has done EXCEPTIONALLY in the past few weeks -- and it shows --

-- just look at his coat -- !!

-- and not far behind, as always, are brothers Val and Rom -- :D

Ohhhh Romeo --

-- trying to dominate Elvis, are you -- ??!!

-- and Elvis responds, with some VERY soft mouthing, and some VERY great training -- !!

Next, little Val comes in the mix --

-- me too, me too -- !!

Elvis gives him the obligatory butt-sniff --

-- and then all hell breaks loose, with Romeo spoiling the moment -- !!

Now, Elvis gives Romeo all the attention he yearns so much for -- !!


And here, Romeo secretly bites Elvis' haunches, while Val watches from his balcony seats -- :D

And then, Elvis makes himself teeny-tiny in a play-bow, to get to Romeo's level -- :D

Romeo, of course, takes maximim advantage of the moment --

-- and quickly topples over -- !!

So Elvis says, "Let's try this again --

-- pleaseee??!!"

Now, Elvis is SMALLER than the boys --


And, of course, they come closer...

... till you can see the whites of little Romey's eyes -- !!

-- and in the hectic moment, little Val slips Elvis a kiss -- !!

-- while Romeo continues to wish he were bigger than Elvis -- !!

And yeat again, Elvis plays tiny...

... that is, till he invades the toilet for some water --

-- teach them GOOD lessons, Elvis --

-- GOOD ones ONLY -- !!

So, now there's another break, while Elvis inspects Romeo's underside -- :|

-- and in that moment, Romeo says, "VICTORY" -- !!

And for a fleeting moment, little Rom is on top of the world -- :D

So, in all the kids are doing great --

-- growing up, and growing fur.

Most importantly, to me, little Troy is making big strides --

-- not only in his appearance --

-- but in his demeanor -- !!

Here's the "little man", trying like crazy to get a hold on my finger -- !!

Great job fosters -- these pups are scheduled for their surgeries on March 31st, and in the meantime, we'll continue to review applications and to do home visits!


Things I like in an application:

- Applicants who join our pit bull forum, at There, you'll find a small army of pit bull lovers -- 2,750 at the present -- !! For you, the adopter, you can learn about canine diet, pit bull temperaments, multi-dog households, and you can meet a nice group of people. For us, the rescuers, we can see your baby as they grow with you, hearing your stories about them and seeing pictures you post of them in their news lives -- win-win, right??!!
PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS PRE-REQUISITE -- it means a lot to us here -- !!
- Adult adopters, ready to be adults. People aware of the responsibility of a puppy, and aware this puppy will become an a medium-sized dog, with its own temperament and personality. Adult adopters who are ready for a 15 year commitment. This puppy does not have a depreciating "useful life" that is over when it becomes an adult -- instead, this dog's whole life is useful -- !!
- Owners who are aware of and who respect the pit bull temperament. This means people who know you can't "love" dog aggression out of their dogs -- instead, owners who are RESPONSIBLE with their pups -- crating them when unattended, supervising them with children, never leaving them outside unattended, and those who are ready for licks and lovin' in return! For more on dog aggression, click here.
- Adopters who treat their newest addition like a member of the family, realizing that this isn't a "dog in the box" and that its little life must be encouraged to go the right path and that obedience, socialization and training will get her there -- !!

- Financial commitment. Adopters willing to spend money on their new investment, including premium foods (like Candidae, Wellness, Nutro or raw food), plus adopters who will invest in pet insurance or a "dog fund", lest vetting be required, which may get expensive.

The adoption fee is $275 per dog. This is reasonable, considering the premium services that each pup gets. Each dog, before placement, is examined by a licensed veterinarian, spayed or neutered, wormed with premium wormer, given vaccinations on a regular basis (not just a one-shot deal), microchipped with a premium Home Again chip (made by Schering -Plough), fed premium puppy food (not 'Ol Roy, or some other filler-laden junk) and has spent it's puppy fosterhood in a wonderful, attentive, CLEAN environment. There are 4-5 homes fostering these babies, and that is a LOT of logistics, driving, CARE, etc. -- but it's entirely worth it! Also, each puppy is accompanied by a personal home visit to YOUR home at placement, to ensure they're going to have the life of a king or queen -- !! If the home visit doesn't pass, puppy doesn't stay. This isn't some parking-lot-of-a-pet-store adoption scheme, instead, it's the highest-quality service I can provide for these young souls, as they journey off in to their lives.

- Smart and informed adopters, who research this breed and who realize that these pups are not for everyone. Pit bull temperament can be Googled, and a great start can be found here.


Things I shy away from in an application:

- Youth -- sorry kids -- this is a living being, not an iPod!! Young peoples' lives change a lot, and the first thing to get dumped is usually the dog, whether it be on their parents, a friend, etc., who are oftentimes ill-equipped and disinterested in this four-legged life -- then, the dumping or neglect begins.
- Renters. I get calls all the time saying, "Please take my dog -- I moved in to an apartment that doesn't allow them." Ummm -- did you fall asleep in an apartment that allowed them, and then wake up at a new address, in an apartment that doesn't allow them? This isn't magic here -- it's responsibility, and dogs come first. Please don't lie on the application, either -- this will show up in the home-visit -- !!

- Multi-dog households. While I love having many pit bulls, quite a few people aren't ready for the commitment and responsibility it takes to sometimes crate their dogs, rotate them out of the crates and generally own them responsibly. When that happens, I get calls saying, "I have to get rid of one of my dogs ASAP." I can never understand why these people think their lack of planning is all of the sudden my emergency.

- Busy households. Sure, puppies are cute, and they're cuddly, and after they're bathed, they smell nice. But when they grow up in to dogs, and the busy household moves on to their new obsession, the dog, now needing obedience, love and affection, is dumped in the suburban sense. The dog may even live "out on the porch" -- people mention that to me like it's acceptable -- dogs are social beings, and will not flourish in situations of neglect!
- People that call me sounding like gangsters. It happens a lot -- and they never want a spayed or neutered dog. Sorry folks -- this is rescue, not a puppy mill, nor the "syndicate". Also, please don't bother me with requests for "papers" -- last time I checked, no people I knew had "papers", and that didn't make them any less a "person" -- !!