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Forest pups: SUCCESS!


Well, our recent forest pups came with quite the requirements --

-- their needs, per pup:

Revolution, for sarcoptic mange - 2 rounds
Albon, for coccidia - 10 days
AMZ-TMP 480mg, for coccidia - 10 days
Metronidazole, for giardia - 10 days
DHLPP vaccines - 2 rounds
Drontal plus, for intestinal parasites - 1 round
D-worm, for intestinal parasites - 1 round
Spay / neuters, for responsible placements
Micro-chipping, so they can always come home
a LOT of Oma's Pride raw food and supplement, because that's what they loved to eat!


-- the result:




Here is how the typical pup of the litter came to SPBR --

-- with a lot of problems.

Barely 2-3 pounds, little Troy was infested with parasites inside and out --

-- he had sarcoptic mange mites eating his fur and skin, which would eventually turn him bald and crusty.

He had intestinal parasites eating at his every meal, and giving him a constant upset stomach.

But one thing --

-- one thing --

-- this boy never gave up.

Here is the day we got Troy, which actually looks good for him, considering he turned bald in the following weeks.

What labors me about this picture, though, is his eyes --

-- they show his pain, to me.

Imagine, being only alive a month, and this is your portion.

And then, Troy, 3 weeks in to rescue --

-- fighting his mange, and having it take his fur, and irritate his skin --


It's almost like I wanted to tell him, "Oh, it'll be okay -- really" --

-- but his sad little face.

He's why I checked on him all through the night, at lunch-time, after work -- and how he became a lap-dog, really.

While the others played, Troy sat in my lap and was huddled in my sweatshirt -- and that was okay.



Well, here we are, a happy, healthy 6 weeks later --

-- Troy is nothing short of a ROCK STAR --

-- just LOOK at those EYES!

So, a big THANK YOU goes out to all the great people who have made it possible for these babies to go home this weekend -- the Michelle's, the Julia's, the Matt's, the Denise's, the Joe's, the Kath's, the Christian's, the Kayln's, the Chey's --

-- we owe you a big THANK YOU --

-- and mostly, we owe a big thank you to Teddi, who on that dark February day wrote us --

Hi my name is Teddi.Saturday a lady came into the shelter with 7 six week old pitbull pups.The pups had been living in a cardboard box in the woods,mom had died.The owner of the pups decided to get rid of the last of his dogs and the lady took them.I have the pups,they are under weight and have demadecs.I have wormed them but no vacs.We at the shelter are not allowed to adopt out pits or mixes of.I need a rescue to take the pups,there are 5 males and two females.I can get pics. and send them to you if you think you can help,or maybe you know someone who can.Thank you for taking the time to read this and keep up the great work you do.

That message changed these pups' lives, and gave so many endless joy and hope.