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Karma's babies are 7-1/2 weeks -- and their dinner carried them fast to sleep!!


Click here to see their puppy mug-shots!


Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


Click here for app

Well, here's Karma's babies, which can be found in detail here --

-- their foster mom was in rural Georgia, and could no longer care for them, or their mom Karma, so she called SPBR and Corey offered to help --

-- and Corey has done GREAT by them -- !!


Here's little Lily -- fast asleep after a good dinner!!

And Plum (brindle),

Sunny (mostly white)


Lila (mostly tan) -- !!

Here's Lila again (mostly tan) and Sunny (mostly white) --

-- CAMPED OUT -- !!

And then the brindles --

-- boy River (brindle) and sister Apple (brindle and white) -- !!

Here's Cherry (right) and Lily (left) --

And finally, Apple -- !!

So there you go --

-- a peck of pit bull mix puppies -- !!

These babies will be ready for adoption in the next couple of weeks, after their spay / neuter surgeries --

-- if you're interested in making their lives complete, fill out an adoption application above!!

One more, AWWWWW --

Apple (left) and Lily -- !!


And, THANK YOU, Corey, for being an outstanding foster mom -- !!