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The PA puppy party proved a good time for all -- !!


Click here to see their puppy mug-shots!


Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


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Last Saturday, on a cold, wet April morning, we met up with the puppy fosters and with prospective adopters in rural PA for a puppy party of sorts --

-- these "parties" are meet-and-greets, where prospective adopters can meet the babies, and where the foster parents can assess where their babies may be going --

-- all, mind you, for the benefit of these pups. The prospects have already filled out an adoption application, and their commitment to take 5-6 hours to come see these loves, even when they know they're not going home with them, is a GREAT start!

And now the babies --

-- here's Angel's litter --

-- Angel and these babes were going to be euthanised in a New Hampshire shelter --

-- instead, Bonnie's kindness and willingness to foster prevented that.

Next, Grace's litter --

-- these babies and their momma were slated for euthanasia in a Southern shelter --

-- Summer's quick work, and Geneia's responsiveness as a foster mom prevented that thought from becoming reality --

-- finally, Karma and her litter.

I got an an email a couple of months ago from a caring foster mom in rural Georgia who said she took in pregnant karma and had her and her babies on a vegan diet --

-- the foster mom could no longer care for Karma or her babies, and scheduled to take them to her local rural shelter, where their fate would have been predictably dim.

Corey changed that, with her willingness to love and foster dear Karma and her kin. They are also carnivores now!

Here's Karma, a proud, WONDERFUL mother, who Corey says passes her tests with FLYING colors - !!

Karma is 1-2 years old, and is ALSO up for adoption, as are all the mothers -- !!

ALL these babies and their mommas can also be found here, where an adoption application can be completed -- !!

Here's Bonnie, loving on Geneia's Nandie --

-- Nandie is a great boy, but was overlooked in the shelter, where he sat for almost a year --

-- Geneia changed that, and this boy's days have been sunny since!

And now to the applicants!

It's always nice to see old friends --

-- here's Marina, who along with her husband, adopted Boo from SPBR two years ago --

-- his story is here, and this couple truly captures the spirit of why I do rescue -- Boo went from a meth-house hell to an integrated, happy family --

-- with PLENTY of reptiles -- !!

Here's Gracie's litter, prefering the warmth of their crate over the big world of the ex-pen -- !!

Next we have our boy River, who came to the party already neutered, and up to date on his vetting --

-- River is a great reason I do these puppy parties --

-- while he may have been overlooked by people perusing these loves on line, for whatever reason, he was a BIG HIT at the party, when his parents saw his lovely personality --

-- he is a ham, but a mellow one at that -- just what Marina was looking for in a pup!

Next, Karma's litter --

-- and the applicants get up-close and personal!

These chunks are ready to go to their adoptive homes at 9-1/2 weeks --

-- GREAT JOB, Corey, in caring for them!

And next, little Taylor --

-- she and Gracie's litter have a few weeks till their placement, but they came along for some OOHS and AAHS -- !!

Mooie found his new dad -- or his new dad found him -- !!

Look at the joy on his dad's face, whereas Mooie says, "I know it, I'm irresistable -- !!"

Here's a little perspective -- Mooie's future parents look at their little man, who won't stay little for too long -- !!

Next, Jaime came from NJ to explore these lovely souls --

-- and she and her sister got right down in it with Karma's litter -- !!

Gracie's litter gets equal attention, and they try out their new wheels on Carrie's jeans -- !!

Jaime finds her girl --

-- and look at Apple's face -- more of a "thank you" than anything -- !!

Marina declares little River hers, and he dismisses all the emotion with lion-like confidence -- !!

Next, we start categorizing --

-- the mug-shots of here are the result of a lot of hard work --

-- a lot of "chunnkiee, look here" and jiggles and nods -- !!

And then there's the paperwork --

-- each baby gets her own file, with the adoption agreement, health record, puppy-tips, and a "puppy kit", which comes with heartworm treatment, Frontline and free collar tags -- THANKS, Summer!

Also, each baby comes microchipped with a Home Again michrochip, which can be further explored here.

So, after all the pictures and identifying, the babies are back to all-terraining --

-- and then they're packed up, to return to their foster homes --

-- in some cases, they'll have their spay / neuter surgeries in the next week, in other cases they'll have their home-visits in the next days,

and for these babies, Grace's, they'll EAT and POOP for a few more weeks -- !!

So that's a puppy party, and it was a success --

-- it also shows where these babies came from, basically terminal situations, and where they're going --

-- to carefully screened, lovely homes --

-- it's funny, I still oftentimes get the "why bother, you can't save them all" comments from people --

-- well, as long as there are great foster homes out there, and as long as there are people willing to go the extra mile and to step out of their confort-zones and as long as there are exceptional adoptive homes for these babies to flourish in,

I will continue to help these loves --

-- why not? Who's to say there's a better way to spend your spare moments?

Little Taylor says there is no way to better spare your moments, and in her silent way, she thanks everyone for their positive energies towards these loves --

-- THANK YOU, ALL for working to make their lives complete -- !!

If you're interested in learning more about these loves, check them out here -- !!