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The Rochester meet-and-greet saw some old familiar faces!!


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We had a meet-up in Upstate NY last week-end for potential parents to meet Molly's and Tiff's pups, plus little Piper -- !!

Here's Piper, who came to rescue very scared of men --

-- and who is doing his best to work on his issue! He is being socialized and is moving in the right direction!

In the background are Matt and Heidi, who were kind enough to let us meet at their home!

Next, on the left are Molly's babies, the black ones, then Tiff's babies, the blues!

And we even met up with some old friends --

-- Yoda, on the right, a wise old SPBR pup, and Earl behind Piper!

Here's a better shot of Earl, who was originally sworn by his rescue-foster in the South to be part pit bull, so she was going to euthanize the litter -- :(

Read more about baby Earl here.

Next we have Henri's little sister -- Matt's neighbor --

Henri was formerly Hugo, from the Ohio abuse litter. He stayed at home today!

And next Henri's other sister, who found quite the love for our little Truuuu-mmmaannn!!!

After all the intros were taken care of, it was a pretty casual meeting, with lots of hugging and petting going on -- !!

These meet-ups are critical in the adoption process, so we can get to know the prospective adopters more, and so they can see the responsibility they may have -- !!

And don't forget, these meetings help socialize the pups a-plenty!

Here's little T-bomb, in a moment that very well fits him --


He's a bit of a crabby-pants little man, but it makes him very sweet --

-- he was the first-born in his litter, and is ultra-sensitive --

-- little man!

Next, one of Tiff's finds an old toy and calls it her own -- !!

"Um.. is some-one biting my back?"

Ba-ha-ha -- !!

Little Claire finds her favorite spot and gives me the "what?" look --

-- so I move on to the next photo -- !!

More old toys are found around the lawn --

-- look at the beauty of a blue brindle -- !!

And then I am caught, with a peck of puppies --

-- this was almost inevitable -- !!

The babies are quite the snuggle-bugs --

-- and here they are, re-charged and ready to raise some more hell on the lawn -- !!

-- the hell-raising settles down quickly when they realize big Piper still wants to be a puppy, too -- !!

-- little man --

-- SO pretty -- and just scared.

He's coming along though -- !!

One of Tiff's babies whisper's that it's almost time to go -- !!

Not without a strong sal-ute to Tim, the foster of the blues and Tiff.

Tim is a great foster, along with his wife Kari --

-- they are extremely responsible and caring of the babies -- everything I could hope for.

THANK YOU Kari and Tim!

The pups get in some final playing before the ride home --

-- and there's some final amazement at the world.

They are really so beautiful.

Here's Ms. Claire, who will potentially be spending her future life in suburban Boston Mass --

-- and little Malcolm, my favorite!


More Malcolm --

-- with his little pit bull head, and him, happy as a clam, with his stick.

Such a beautiful breed, it is, and especially if owned responsibly.

And good-byes were said, and we were shortly thereafter off to home, so the puppies could get their dinners!

THANK YOU to everyone that came -- it proved a great day for socializing the babies, and we learned a lot about those who were interested in calling them their own --

-- THANKS for looking!