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You order 1,800 pounds and what do you get...


... well, you get quite the truckload delivery of frozen, raw dog-food --

-- and some self-delegating gate-keepers -- !!

Here's Precious, proud as a peacock of her new find --

-- 1,800 lbs. of frozen food!

A quick note on Precious --

-- well, she's not as tough as she looks --

-- her ears were docked by her prior "owners" --

-- she was likely bred for her beautiful coat, red merle, and not for much else --

-- thus, she is a beauty, and a pretty tough girl. She loves all people, but personifies the pit bull temperament, to me, regarding dog aggression. She has few loyalties when it comes to other dogs near her bones, food, or master --

-- I know that, and I conform her world accordingly. More on pit bull temperament can be found here.

Okay -- on to our order --

-- this invoice comes with each Oma's order --

-- here you'll find 132 10-lb rolls of chicken, turkey, beef and lamb mix --

-- that's the bulk of the order --

-- the rest is made up of bones, fish, supplements, etc., as we'll find next --

-- first, it's the 7-8" marrow bones --

-- a day's treat that helps keep pups' teeth and gumlines clean --

-- next, the Vertex supplements --

-- no, we're not trying to be Ah-nold here, I'm just supplementing the pups' raw diet for a full-balanced diet --

-- here you can see the newest ingredients in Vertex --

-- items most people are lucky to get on a daily basis -- !!

Here's some more snacks --

-- split bison knuckles --

-- and next, the Buffalo femurs -- !!

These are 14 - 16" meals for my pups --

-- and, as with all high-value snacks, they are fed to them in the comfort and privacy of their crates --

Next, we get to the general meal supplement --

-- this is Performance Dog, made primarily of beef, tripe and tracheae --

-- I use this for pups that need fattening up, or for dogs that are out running and burning a lot of calories --

Back to the snacks --

-- 25.74 lbs of them --

-- and it's a case of mackerel --

-- a rich, oily fish, chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, selenium and Vitamin B12 --

-- do the dogs know how good it is for them?

Heck no -- but that's okay -- and they enjoy them whole as snacks -- !!

On to the beef ribs -- packaged in a simple-enough package --

-- inside, there's beef rib racks, frozen --

I especially like beef ribs as snacks --

-- when they are defrosted to refrigerator temperature, I separate them by slicing down their meaty side, and feed them as individual snacks.

So, here's the dogs' diets --

-- with ingredients that are the envy of any human diet!

Here's the majority of the order -- 10 pound rolls of chicken, turkey, beef or lamb rolls, mixed with ground veggies, bone and organs...

Here's a 10 pound lamb roll --

-- the fattiest of the four, and pretty much a favorite around here -- !!

So, after all the food is unboxed, it's frozen until feeding time.

At feeding time, a roll is defrosted overnight, and its ingredients are fed to the dogs, raw.

Here's their snack-freezer, consisting mostly of marrow bones, knuckles, ribs, femurs and the like -- !!

Here's little Yoda, who was thrown from an Ohio car a year ago in Ohio, filled with mange and other maladies --

-- he was taken in by SPBR, fostered and treated by Steph here, and finally adopted by Matt and his wife -- !!

-- and here is Yoda a year later, with his proud dad Matt --

-- Matt has his Yoda and Earl, both SPBR pups, on the Oma's raw diet -- and I couldn't be happier -- or more proud -- !!

So, back we are to Precious, and her watching her keep --

-- WELL, PRECIOUS, could you look a little more sweet -- please??!!

And she obliges --

-- in an unexpected moment, she anticipates her upcoming meals -- !!

If you're more interested in how I prepare a typical raw meal for my pups and foster pups, give it a look here.