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Raw mackerels as snacks -- can anyone say BREATH MINTS??!!


Well, our Saturday was a busy one --

-- first, Preccie went to see the vet, where we took this picture...

...and this is the only picture we got, since Preccie and the camera can't be held at the same time!

Next, more dog food -- another truck-load --

Here's part of our winter fare -- in 10 lb. rolls --

-- don't forget the vitamins!

-- and the remainder of our treasure --

-- up top, there are mackerel snacks --


Here's little Akira, one of the 5 puppies up for adoption, enjoying her frozen fish snack --

-- isn't blue brindle the prettiest coat you've ever seen??!!

-- and then here's Malcolm, in the back, holding down his own, and little Chazzers, trying to be neither seen nor heard in his attempts to get some dinner -- !!

For a moment, the fish is up for grabs --

-- but not for long -- !!

Little Malc gets away with it --

-- and for one short minute, he's a pirate with his treasure --

-- before long, little Truman eyes Malcolm with his prey, and he plans his attack --

-- Malcolm thwarts him with quick and powerful eating -- in no time, the mackerel is gone -- !!

So that's it -- these babies are to fly the coop soon --

-- and I'll be sad.

I saw little Molly's babies through their birth, with little Truman coming out first --

-- and Tiff's babies were special, too, coming to us as little hockey pucks --

The more I do rescue, the more I am scrutinizing adopters -- a lot. These babies mean too much to get placed in a poorly researched home, and thusfar, I couldn't be happier with the placements.