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A journey through my raw food process...


I am an Oma's Pride raw food distributor for my dogs, so once every few months I make a trip to our local beef distributor, which picks up the food in CT and stores it in its freezer facility --

-- more on Oma's can be found here...


This distributor is for human-grade food, which Oma's dog food is, so all is good -- !!


I arrive at the dock -- these guys always say, "You're the one for the dog food, huh??!!"


Here's 1,000 of food, all loaded to go -- !!


On the ride home, we pass a cattle truck...


... and it is sad -- no question.

I feed my dogs only Oma's chicken and turkey mixes, though they do get bison knuckles for their gums and teeth...


Arriving at home, boxes are stacked and awaiting customer pick-up --

-- the bulk of what you see here is my staple food, consisting of either turkey or chicken, vegetables, organs and bones -- all ground, mixed and served raw to my dogs --


I supplement my pups' food with salmon oil, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids...

... this is important "in the regulation of blood pressure, reproductive health, muscle contractions, blood clotting and inflammation. It is recommended for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, arthritis and asthma."

I could only wish to eat so well -- !!


Next, the food supplement, Nupro, which I recently switched to (from Missing Link) --

-- I get Nupro at KV-Vet, found here -- it's not cheap, at $110 for 20 lbs, but that 20 lbs. should last us 6 months --

-- it is all natural, and is essential to dogs' total nutrition, including "Norwegian kelp, ground flaxseed, imported nutritional yeast culture, desiccated liver, bee pollen, garlic, steamed bone meal, lecithin, ground borage seed, and lactobacillus acidophilus.  

Nupro provides 16 vitamins, 15 minerals, 23 amino acids, 9 enzymes, and 4 essential fatty acids. "


And here is 600 lbs. of the food --

-- the total load of 1,000 runs about $1,000, and will last us 3-4 months --

I look at this all-natural diet as very reasonable in price, and preventative for the future, helping my dogs minimize costly vet bills, painful disease, and short lives --

When people say I'm crazy for feeding raw, I always say, "Look at the ingredients in your dog food -- I bet you don't know what most of them are -- and the primary ones are probably cheap grains and fillers -- that's like you eating McDonalds 365 days a year -- eventually, something's gonna give, and it's gonna be your health -- !!"

Needless to say, I am a strong supporter of this diet --

-- and of the hundreds of dogs I have fed with it -- thousands of meals -- never did one get sick from it.


Don't forget the trunk freezer, which took another 200 lbs. of the food, plus some bison knuckles -- !!


At the end of my work...


... not a problem!

I will recycle these boxes, though a bonfire also crossed my mind -- !!


Here's the fridge, where the food is slow-thawed for 1-2 days before fed to my pups chilled, twice a day --


-- and here's Thor, in heaven, enjoying a bison knuckle in peace -- !!

Thanks for looking!