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A walk through the preparation of a raw dog food meal...


The materials

I periodically do a change-up in what I'm feeding my dogs -- whether it be from discounts on materials, to pups needing to plump up (or trim down), their diet changes.

I think variety is good for the pups, as does my vet and dog food supplier.

So, on the left is the base food -- a 10 lb. roll of Oma's Pride chicken/veg mix. This roll comes frozen, and I put it in a bucket of water to defrost before leaving for work.

Here, the roll is defrosted and ready to eat. I often get questions like,

"Isn't technology and progress great -- I feed a dry food that's cheap and has everything in it"

Well, "everything in it" often includes preservatives, additives, lots of starches, meals, growth hormones, antibiotics and chemicals I can't pronounce.

As you can see here, we're starting with 100% natural food. It's ground chicken, bones, organs and veggies. If it were your personal diet, which would you choose??!!

I also get questions, "Is the diet safe?" I have fed hundreds of dogs over 10,000 raw meals -- to dogs ranging from 5 weeks to 12 years -- and never has a dog gotten sick from this diet -- on the contrary, they flourished!

Moving on to the back of the package, you'll see the chicken mix has butternut squash, broccoli and kale in it -- broccoli is a leading vegetable in anti-oxidants, and these veggies, along with the rest of the ingredients, sounds like quite the feast!

Note, too, the low fat content of the poultry-veg mixes.

The bottom statement, that the food is intended for supplemental feeding, is there because this 10 lb. roll is not fully supplemented with necessary vitamins and minerals for your pup -- Oma's leaves that up to you --

-- and we'll get there in a second!


I'd like to emphasize that the ingredients in this food, and its preparation, are human grade and USDA approved. The ingredients are not "leftovers" from a slaughterhouse, instead they are grade-A.

Next is a food supplement I like to use -- Performance Dog.

I also get this from Oma's -- it comes frozen and is served chilled. It includes beef, tripe, tracheae, and other natural ingredients. I use this as a variety-supplement for the dogs, and put more of it in pups' food whom I would like to see gain weight.

So, we begin the preparations!

Here's the turkey-veg mix, in the mixing bowl.

Next, the Performance Dog is added...

... and they're mixed up. To me, this is a great combination -- 1 lb. of Performance Dog for 2 lbs. of Chicken-veg mix.

Next we begin with the supplements.

I get a discount on a couple of items from Fort Dodge, so I happily use them.

At left is their Restor-a-flex -- a joint supplement.

Here's the ingredients of the joint supplement --

-- with glucosamine and chondroitin, this looks more like a human supplement than one for dogs!

Fort Dodge writes --

"Restor-A-Flex joint supplement from Fort Dodge (the makers of Etogesic) has more glucosamine and chondroitin than Cosequin DS! This also a good complement to Etogesic or Rimadyl for added protection against arthritis. Restor-A-Flex contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Vitamin C in one tasty tablet."

None of my dogs presently has joint issues, but I like this as a preventative measure.

Next, we go to the VAL Syrup, a liquid vitamin supplement that contains the following, which Joyce was happy to help me decipher -- !!

thiamine hydrochloride - 2 mg, (Vitamin B) - Required for the synthesis of coenzyme required in carbohydrate metabolism.

riboflavin - 2mg, Helps produce energy in all your cells.

calcium pantothenate - 12 mg, (vitamin B 5 ) is needed for the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

nicotinamide - 15 mg, Vitamin B3 is essential in the metabolism of carbohydrates (to produce energy), fats, and proteins. It also aids in the production of hydrochloric acid, needed for proper digestion. Additionally, vitamin B3 facilitates the body's ability to eliminate toxins.

pyridoxine hydrochloride - 2 mg, vitamin B6 is important in health effects all the way from our childhood physical growth to our lifelong health and mental acuity.

protein hydrolysates (as a source of amino acids) - 3.5 g, liver fraction 1 - 1.5 - proteins


Then, we move on to the powder supplement, Vertex -- I get this at Omas, too --

-- it looks more like something you'd find at GNC than a pet store -- !!

Here is the ingredients in Vertex --

-- as you can see, it's a broad vitamin and mineral supplement, with amino acids to boot --

Since I feed quite a bit, we went with the 30 lb. tub this time --

-- this lasts me at least 6 months.

In the tub, the supplement is a coarse powder.

The dogs actually like the taste of this supplement -- in the past, I've had some they didn't like, and they'll go to extreme efforts to "eat around" the supplement --

-- so, make sure they like its taste!

The meal

Okay, on to preparation!

First, the chicken/veg and Performance Dog mix is used as the base --

-- next the Vertex is added --

-- then I squirt 10ccs of the VAL Syrup in --

-- and then the joint supplement is added.

All of the above supplements are dosed per the specific dog's weight.

Next, I garnish it up a bit with a beef rib -- !!

Actually, I feed beef ribs as a snack like this 2-3x per week.

Since the base-food is soft, the dogs still need something to massage their teeth and gums --

-- that's where the ribs come in.

The feast!

Now, on to our customer -- my dear Spud.

Spud had cancerous mass cell tumors removed 5 years ago -- and that's when I woke up to how diet affects dogs and their health. With articles like this one, we switched over to the raw diet.

And Spud approves, enjoying his dinner!

The envy...

This is all done while Thor watches, eagerly. Don't worry, Thor -- your meal is next!

I feed this diet to all my dogs and to all my fosters. I used to go back and forth, feeding some dogs dry food, etc., but when I realized the health benefits, the cleaner stool (sorry, it's true!) and the cleaner coats on the dogs, I knew I couldn't deprive them of such a diet --

-- so, do my dogs eat better than I do?

Presently, I'd say, um, YES -- !! I am working on my diet, as I'm sure we all are --

-- for my pups, though, they are getting the best I have to offer, and I am thankful I can provide that.

THANK YOU for looking! I am a big believer in this diet for dogs' health and longevity, so please feel free to email me with questions or comments!

Also, this diet isn't just for "fancy" or "breeder" dogs -- all of my dogs are rescues, and many of them were on euthanasia lists at shelters before their rescue -- with a past like that, they deserve a bit of spoiling!