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The benefits of raw feeding... a testimony!

I received the following from Danielle --

"Hi Eric!   I just wanted to write you and let you know that your site helped me learn a lot about the raw food diet, and I believe that it is helping my dogs become much healthier and happier.

I have written you before about your site (you posted a little thing called " Halle 's Halo" in your guestbook). I have two pups, Halle, a pit lab mix, and Kiah, an Australian cattle dog, they turned one in March and April, respectively."

"Kiah, has a missing rear toe and a mangled middle toe on one of her rear hind legs, a suspected birth defect. She had a pronounced limp when we adopted her, which we attributed to the missing toe, but other than that she was a happy, healthy, five month old pup.

This spring, I noticed that Kiah was periodically going lame on her "gimp" leg when she was playing with Halle , and when she got up in the morning and would stretch."

"Her legs were all very stiff (we called her polio legs). Kiah was diagnosed with a luxating patella, which can be a genetic disorder in cattle dogs. (basically it means her bones didn't form correctly and her kneecap pops out of place).

Surgery is the only option for the problem, and although Kiah was a stage 2 (out of 5) I was told that her condition would gradually become worse and possibly she would lose use of the leg."

"The prognosis for surgery wasn't much better... she would be able to use her leg but it was an expensive surgery with a long recovery and she would never be able to use the leg the way an active herding dog would want to. She was also showing early signs of arthritis.

To make matter worse for Kiah, my boyfriend and I are active mountain bikers, and when we adopted our girls we were looking for active pups who would be good "bikers" and enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities.

We had been working with them off leash in the woods all winter and we felt confident that they would be ready to bike with us this summer."

"But with Kiah's condition, the Vet advised that we not take her. The look in her eyes was heartbreaking when we'd put on all our gear and put Halle in her reflective vest, while they both danced around excited to go. And then we'd have to leave Kiah behind!

After about a week I decided that if her legs were just going to get worse anyways, I wanted her to be able to come out and run. So we started taking her out on short rides to build up her endurance."

"Then I started doing more research about the girls' nutrition. They were eating Wellness dry food, which is a good brand that I had switched Halle to when she was a pup. I did a lot more research into supplements and the raw food diet (getting a lot of pointers from your site).

I started Kiah on a glucosamine supplement, and shortly after that, we started feeding the girls the Omas raw diet, bones, supplements, and we still mix in a little bit of Wellness because they really do like their dry food too (they are weird). "

"They have now been on a mostly raw food diet for the past three months and I have seen enormous leaps and bounds in Kiah's condition.

She comes mountain biking with us every time we go, and other bikers are amazed that our dogs can keep up a high pace for so long!

We taught them how to drink from our Camel-baks, and they wallow and swim into every swamp we see to cool off (interestingly although the gross swamps are quite enticing, the bath at home that follows in not fun for them!)."

"Kiah no longer seems stiff in the mornings.

She almost never luxates anymore (I keep a notebook), she went from luxating at least once a day to maybe once a week now."

"I know that Kiah's condition hasn't been "cured" but I attribute her increased health to the switch in food.

I really believe that the supplements and better diet allow her to exercise and build up the strength and conditioning in her body. And of course, Halle's constant beatings help :) "

"Thank you for posting so much DETAILED information on your site...and Kiah and Halle thank you too."

"Here's a couple pictures of the girls...they are very close.

And no, I don't crate them in the same crate, but sometimes they go into Halle 's crate (its bigger) and sleep together.


PS - I followed the story of Dante (who looks a little to me like Halle ) and I am so pleased to see that he was found a family who loves him."

Well, stories like this make me so happy --

-- to me, the raw diet is a no-brainer -- I feed all my pups and fosters it, and I swear by it --

-- my biggest argument FOR it is, what could be better than a 100% natural diet for your dogs?!

Also, in the thousands of meals I have fed my dogs over the years, never has one gotten sick on it -- so it is safe -- and the pups prefer it!

For more on my raw regimen, visit here --

-- THANK YOU, Danielle, for your success story!