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Thor enjoys a late-spring afternoon... with Elvis!!!


Well, it's springtime, and my Thor didn't go on the latest placement...

... sooooo, it's time for some QT -- :D



He says,

"The following pictures depict pit bulls playing, not fighting, and are not in any way to be construed as pro-fighting" --

-- then he says,

"DUH" --




That done, he takes some time for a sun-bath...

... that is, till he hears the door creak...



... and to his dismay, his little buddy Elvis is out and about, ready to ham up the day -- !!



Elvie makes a b-line for Thor...



... and the boys play like little kids...



... till Thor says, "Okay, Elvis, I've got this great game" --


-- Elvie says, "REALLY?" --



Thor says, "YEP - and you're IT -- since we lack opposing thumbs, we'll focus on what we've got -- !!"



Elvis quite enjoys the challenge!

Note - Elvis' collar is one of many donated by the nice folks at Blocky Dogs, found here -- SPBR has no affiliation with the collar text --



With that, Thor gives Elvie a good run for his money...



... and Elvis tries his latest ninja moves...



WHOOPS -- !!



But he recovers quite handsomely -- !!



... and the boys played on...

... note Thor's Matrix-move above -- no feet!!



Elvis found his way in to the forest...



... and got himself the ultimate prize -- a tree root -- !!



Thor says, "Come closer, so I can see you, Elvie..."


Thor even tries sweet-talking Elvis for this rare root...



... and Elvis says, "Keep your distance, Chunkie..."



Thor feels slighted... !



... and his only response is to cry like a baby -- !!


Another great day with these pups -- there are really no "bad days" with these loves -- something I try to always cherish...