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Thor makes his way down to the local dog-park, and wags are a-plenty -- !!


Well, here's the continuing follies of Thor, a baby I adopted from an Ohio litter I rescued in December, 2004.

Thor is shown here at six weeks -- just a little mite --


-- and here he is today, almost two years later, as a full-grown, handsome young man -- !!


I took Thor to a local dog park, where I know the dogs and their owners --

-- NOTE -- dog parks are NOT for all pit bulls -- I know Thor's temperament very well, and I prefer him playing with one or two pups, not a large group, as you'll see --

-- if you have a pit bull and have a hankering to take your pup to the dog park, make an adult decision on that urge, factoring in your pup's temperament and the park as a whole --


We meet up with Susan, and her 6 month old Weimaraner, Thaxton --

-- Thaxton is a sweet boy, and is approaching his neuter date --

-- Susan discussed his neuter with me, saying, "My mom said he's a handsome boy and that maybe I should breed him" --

-- I told her to go to the death-row at the local SPCA and to see all the "handsome boys" and "pretty girls" that society no longer has a place for --

-- needless to say, little Thax is proceeding with his neuter -- !!


-- and he is a pretty boy -- !!


Thor makes no haste in getting pets and lovin' from Susan...


... saying to me, "Hey, can you blame me??!!"


Then he goes stoic, for a second, when I remind him he accidentally left the house with Precious' collar on --

-- me: "You look like a girl, Thor"

-- Thor: "Do not... do not -- !!"


... and in no time, he's back to his silly old self...


Next to the stream --

-- it's SO beautiful, really --

-- I can never understand people who say nature or country living is boring -- !!


Susan finds some apples from the local orchard, and Thor tries to bull-doze his way to a treat --


-- not so, mister -- !!

Susan has Thor sitting for his apple-treat in no-time -- !!


-- and he receives his treat --


Next, Susan attempts fetch with the pups --

-- Thax has no problem with that --

-- Thor, on the other hand... ummm...


... doesn't want to get wet -- !!


After some persuading, I get Thor in the water --

-- notice this shot, which has ME in the water, while Thor observes from a distance -- !!


Finally, he takes the plunge --


-- and it's anything but graceful --


-- he's more like a spaceship crash-landing in water, but we try not to laugh at him toooo much, because he's a bit special -- !!


-- in no time, he's a pea-in-a-pod with Thaxton, enjoying the stream --


Here he's sort of saying, "What -- I'm a water-dog -- right??!!"


-- he's so much a "water dog" that he stays in the stream and watches the world go by --


These folks pass, with their boxers --

-- big boxers, indeed -- they look a bit like super-boxers -- !!


Their coats are so similar to pit bulls' --

-- that's where the similarities stop though -- !!


Then, Thax takes a run for it...


... but he first slows down for a beauty shot, and to lick his nose...


... and then he's off again...


Thor says, "Where you going, Thax?? Don't make me come out of here now, you hear??!!"


Realizing that Thax doesn't care if Thor comes or goes, Thor decides to follow Thaxton, and shakes his way out of the water...


Within no time, they're playing like pals again, and Thor is making Thax look silly -- !!


With that, we're done --

-- these two boys are real beauties --


-- and Thor makes me so proud --

-- coming out in the public-eye, loud and proud, and showing everyone how great a pet he can be --


Here, the boys play their way back to the cars --

-- summer days like this are worth remembering, and I'm always thankful for these wonderful pups, and for the freedom to responsibly guide them through their enjoyable lives --

-- THANKS for looking!