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Thor-play... as it is...


Here is Thor's first year with us -- Nov 2003 till Nov 2004... ENJOY!


Here's the little prince himself, Thor, in a relaxed state...




Here's Thor, Redman and Hunny -- Thor trying to stay on top of things -- !!




Thor and Redman play... as Maia tries to get in on the action!!


Maia and Thor joust...



Hunny and Thor -- Hunny was originally deemed to "dog aggressive" before arriving --- not any more!



Thor with his famous "sleeper" move -- :)



Thor with Maia -- the action shot -- :)



"stay cool until she drops it... stay cool"...



Thor and Adrian... lovers once again...



Boo, Thor and Ella -- in an awkward moment...



Where Thor can oftentimes be found... napping in the tub...



Thor, Spud and Preccie -- an action moment in the Adirondacks...



Thor as a baby... too cute for words!



Thor and Moni... back in the day!



daiser, titan(ic) and thor ---



girlie Thor!



Thor in the puppy pen -- they were tougher than he!



as a baby...



As a big-bellied boy -- just a baby -- :)



as an absolute bebbie -- :)



Thor in LA -- Louisiana, that is --



just a baby, with Prec...



Venus, as a boy..