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Who we are...


My name is Eric, and I focus on the Northeast US. My rescuing started 13 years ago with my Spud, who was at a kill shelter in Upstate NY. Since then, I have expanded my rescuing to pups as far away as Louisiana, and placements as varied as California and Nova Scotia. My highest concern is the welfare of the pup involved in an adoption. I take a lot of pride in what I am, and nothing makes me happier than seeing these loves thrive in their forever homes. All I do is in memory of those awaiting me in the next life, both human and dog alike.

I am the proud guardian-owner of Spud, Precious, Thor and Elvis - all rescues. Precious was left in the back yard by her prior "owners" when they moved from their home -- some wonderful neighbors fed Preccie until her rescue. She has undergone heartworm treatment since I adopted her, and is now a regular princess.

To learn "why I do what I do", for my sister click here, and for my 9/11 experience, click here.

To see what I mean when I say we're "blessed", click here.

If you are unable to adopt, but would still like to help by making a donation, click here -- we will let you know exactly where your money goes!




Above are Precious, Spud and myself in the Adirondacks last year, and to the right are Elvis, Thor and me, on New Years Day, 2005, at the beach.

For a video of Precious at her best, click here!



I love to take pictures -- I have since I was a kid. With the advent of high-quality digital photographs, I am able to document my rescue operations at a reasonable cost. Excellent pictures help save dogs' lives, especially with Petfinder. I often receive inquiries about posted dogs with the prospect saying, "When I saw the picture, it was love at first site" -- that makes it all worth it. The site may take a little longer to load than others, but I believe in high picture quality and that it's worth the wait.

Below are some photos of me and my three...



my boy, Spud...



Some old-school pictures of Spuddo and me...




Preccie and Spud...



foster Redman and me...


foster Lox and me...


looking back, the times i have spent with my dogs have been the best times of my life... and we never spoke a word..




beauty Thor...



the things...
... our dogs do for us!



Preccie with the mystic swirling tail... :)



Spud all tied up... :)



another happy boy and me... what a sweetheart he is!



Classic Spud...



How to be absolutely tiny... and content... :)



Spud and me at our first Christmas in '97..

... one of my happiest times, and he is so lovely...